If you follow the tech industry closely, you’ve likely already heard that news that Biz Stone (one of Twitter’s co-founders) has launched his newest creation, Jelly.


It’s a visual twist on the Q&A space. Re-imagine what a Q&A offering would be in the mobile world…and that’s Jelly.

As you know, being an early adopter on any platform that ends up reaching scale can, and will, propel your business forward. If you think the concept has legs and will end up scaling the way Twitter, FB, Linkedin have, you’d be smart to start using the product early (aka now).

As for my opinion on this — definitely an interesting product angle they’ve taken. The app experience makes it fun to help others in a light weight way. You can either answer yourself, or forward to someone else who you KNOW has the answer (really smart social growth strategy). I’m anxious to see which verticals adopt Jelly. My hunch is there are many interesting use cases in both real estate and travel, since there is a strong location aspect to both.

What do you think? Are you willing to bet on Jelly?