Are you still thinking about going the do-it-yourself route with your WordPress blog/website? The DIY route is a viable options for some, but for most agents, the ROI (return on investment) of doing so just doesn’t make sense if you ask me.

Do you want to be a blog webmaster or a blog editor?

For those that wish to be a blog webmaster, here are some of those secret tasks that go along with being your own webmaster you might want to be aware of:

  • Finding an implementing a theme — and preferably one that is optimized for conversion
  • Finding & dealing with a graphic designer to get whatever custom buttons and graphics completed (or doing this yourself if you are a photoshop/illustrator whiz)
  • Upgrading plugins
  • Upgrading the core WordPress software when security patches and new versions are released
  • Ensuring that all your plugins work with both your theme and with the WordPress core after each WordPress upgrade
  • Fixing your site should it get hacked (I know from experience this is a royal pain in the a** if/when it happens)
  • A/B testing to increase your website conversion rate
  • Getting your site back online should your web host have problems
  • Making sure your content is consistently backed up
  • Working with a freelance developer to make changes and fixes that are beyond your skillset
  • Scouring the web for answers to your questions

Versus if you outsource your WordPress development and maintenance, you can spend your time where it’s best spent — as a blog editor doing two primary tasks:

  • Writing consistent unique content to drive organic traffic
  • Networking with other bloggers to build links

So, are you a webmaster or a publisher? Or both?