The finalists have been announced for the MIPIM PropTech Summit

  • Acasa (UK), an app that allows users to manage all their household bills.
  • BrickVest (UK), a global financial marketplace that allows investors at all levels to invest in institutional-quality real estate globally.
  • Contract Wrangler Inc. (USA), a platform that turns painful contract deluge into revenue and reduced risk.
  • HiP Interactive Property Ltd. (UK), the first digital marketplace for commercial and residential property buyers, owners and investors, making property investment more affordable, liquid and accessible.
  • Kaarta (USA), a platform that easily and accurately transforms the real world into actionable 3D models.
  • MC Smart Controls (USA), which is introducing a variety of innovative technologies to save water, power and chemicals for residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural facilities.
  • PlanRadar (Austria), a digital software that facilitates project management for construction companies.
  • Real Atom (USA), the first online marketplace for commercial real estate debt financing.
  • StrideUp (UK), a platform that makes homeownership more accessible by allowing users to buy the portion they can afford and gradually increase ownership proportionate to growth in savings and income.

Looking forward to the event in a couple weeks…