NYC Real Estate Tech Week is taking place in November, from the 11th through the 15th. All the details are here.

The MIPIM PropTech Summit, a collaboration between MIPIM and MetaProp NYC, is a big part of the programming during the week to unite key real estate decision makers from all sectors and technology companies to take their business to the next level and build the future of real estate.


Dates: November 12th and 13th

Venue: Metropolitan Pavilion & Altman Building (125 & 135 W 18th Street)

2019’s Theme: Matching user expectations

As part of the 2019 theme, ‘Matching User Expectations’, they are looking through two prisms: that of the user of the city (the citizen) and that of the user of the building (the occupier). Responding to individual user expectations is challenging. The first step is to understand the priorities of citizens and occupiers. Then, to identify the changes needed to improve services and to make them innovative, reactive, accessible and transparent.

Key questions are:

  • How do we align the short-term demands of users, and the fast-changing nature of technology, with the long-term strategies of the private and public sectors?
  • What does it mean to be user focused, to be customer centric? 
  • How can proptech help the public and private sectors have a better understanding of the needs of users?
  • How can we build a strong user-centric differentiator strategy, to develop unique products for different users?

Here’s the entire agenda and the PDF program can be had here.

Interested in attending MIPIM?


  • Startups – “PTNYCUP19” – $250
  • Regular – “PTNYCRG19” – $600

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