My local Board of Realtors is now sending all listings directly to Zillow, and neither the Board members, nor the Directors, voted on it.

If your Board voted or took a poll on the syndication issue, please let us know in the comments.

Who we distribute our listings to is an important issue, and as the local Board of Realtors supposedly represents us, they should vote or take a poll on important issues like this. The funny thing with my Board is, they just polled all agents on the state’s licensing of vacation rentals, another words, something we have no control over at all. Yet – when it came time to decide on providing Zillow with our listings, something we have 100% control over, they decided no poll was needed.

In my opinion, providing Zillow with our listings mainly benefits Zillow and a few agents who have figured out how to get leads from them. Local websites are spending a lot of time and money on their website, yet feeding these listings to Zillow takes leads away from the local websites. It inserts a middleman, who then charges agents a good amount of money for those leads, when agents could have received the leads at no additional cost from their local website. Also, I believe most agents consider the Zestimate to be an issue, as they have to explain to their clients why the Zestimate says this, but they feel the true price they should sell at is something else. Finally, as Brokers can opt out of giving their listings to Zillow, buyers and sellers will probably get more up to date information from local websites that show everything.

Zillow would argue that they have X amount of users visiting their Website, so the listings should be there.

I say if they had no listings from our local Board of Realtors, then buyers and sellers would do fine using their favorite local websites.