Those of you who have an indexable IDX product on your website know how powerful it can be. It can help drive traffic to your site for long-tail search phrases such as addresses, as well as MLS number searches. Early adopters of indexable IDX got a big boost, as Jay Thompson noted in this blog post about dsIDXpress, which was in beta at the time.

I jumped on that bandwagon fairly quickly, and have enjoyed the benefits. Now, 3-1/2 years later, having a website with indexable IDX is not so unique. Yeah, I know, other website/IDX vendors has been doing indexable IDX for longer, but it’s the WordPress plugins that made indexable IDX available to the “masses” of agents who don’t have 4 to 5 figures to drop on an semi-custom site. That democratization of indexable IDX is great on the one hand, but once all of your local competitors also have it, is it any advantage anymore?

Of course, content is king for driving traffic, and we all know that we must write unique content that users find helpful to attract prospects. That unique content differentiates your site from your competition, at least on your non-idx pages. But how do you differentiate your IDX listing pages themselves? Well, there’s a premium WordPress plugin that builds on top of dsIDXpress that lets you do just that.  It’s called IDX+. (Affiliate link.)

The dsIDXpress plugin is a great foundation for indexable IDX, but it does not utilize best-practice SEO techniques to the maximum extent possible. IDX+ remedies those deficiencies, maximizing internal linking of IDX pages so users and search engines can more easily find more listings. It also adds several lead-generating features that are not found in the base dsIDXpress plugin.

You may be thinking, “Sure, this sounds great, but show me the money!” Well, the proof is in the pudding, and here’s the evidence.  I installed IDX+ on my Atlanta Real Estate website, and here is what happened to my Googlebot crawl stats:

IDX+ crawl stats

Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats before and after installing IDX+

And here is a screenshot of my Google Analytics showing what happened to my traffic after installing IDX+:

IDX+ visitors

After installing IDX+, visits per day approximately doubled.

It’s hard to argue with results like that. But that’s not all IDX+ offers. It also includes several different layout options which improve the rather bland look of dsIDXpress. It also includes a number of improved widgets, such as an autocomplete search form, nearby/similar properties widget, and a listings-by-price widget which automatically configures for the city of the listing being viewed.

All of that is plenty enough to sell me on IDX+, but the thing I love most is how the devloper, Zack Katz, never ceases to add features and improvements to the plugin. I’m currently developing a mobile-responsive version of my website, and I’ve been frustrated by the fact that dsIDXpress is still not responsive.  I mentioned this to Zack and, on the very next update, he added responsiveness to IDX+. Let me reword that for clarity: IDX+ makes dsIDXpress responsive. Boom.

Bottom line, if you’re running dsIDXpress, I’d suggest you head on over to and check out IDX+.