Earlier this week, I saw Victor Lund’s post about Glenn Kelmans’s call for IDX policy revisions requiring link backs to the broker.

My first reaction was: this is a brilliant initiative/strategy. For Redfin. Not for the industry.

I planned to write a blog post. Then, I realized Rob pretty much wrote everything I was going to say.

Kelman — and Redfin — KNOW they can, and will, annihilate every other broker/franchise in the SEO department. They are already doing it. The suggested IDX change will help Redfin far more than it will hurt.

As Rob says, please “stop fighting the last war“.

PS: Enforcement of outbound links is going to be a complete cluster f*ck. Are MLS’ going to require every individual page on every IDX/VOW website be fully indexable? An easy way for a broker/agent to bypass giving SEO juice up via required outbound links is to “noindex” every page that’s not your own listing.