I just saw a post on Linkedin from Jeremy Crawford, CEO of RESO regarding the release of a new API designed to allow technology companies create connections to MLS data. Innovation like this and the Spark platform from FBS are sure to accelerate a great deal of the Proptech activity that is currently underway.

Read the update here:

What’s also exciting is what this means: this desktop client application is written with reusable code libraries using .NET C# that allows rapid development of API client applications connecting to data sources leveraging RESO standards.

Developers will be pleased to know that there are multiple packages available, each including the full source code and the standalone Reference Client that implements the code libraries. The different standalone code libraries can be used for rapid development in a custom application. The new offering from RESO is designed to save a software developer from dealing with the RESO Web API Specification and underlying OData, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect protocol details.

By providing the client library pre-packaged and essentially a “plug and play” solution, it allows the application writer of the software to concentrate on the development of their application – instead of the underlying transport protocol. The bottom line: this saves the real estate technology developer time and money in the process.

(Disclosure, I work for FBS, creators of the Spark Platform)