old-fashioned-video-camera.jpgWith all the video hosting sites available on the Internet today, and many of them for FREE, which one is the best site to be hosting your “Real Estate Videos?” That’s simple. Youtube right? Why not Google or Yahoo? I have been looking into many of the video hosting sites on the web these past few months. There are some fantastic hosting services available from an array of vendors that each offer something very unique.

Is one any better than the other? Which service should you be using to promote your business, inventory, marketing experience and advertising? Is there just one? Should you be posting on them all? You decide, I have pulled you in this far, so look at these links and then decide to get on the Real Estate Video wagon. Look what kind of stuff is showing up when you search any of these sites for “Real Estate.” In fact, look what the New York Times is doing with Real Estate Video.

Service and Reasons To Consider

  • Youtube – The Worlds Library of Video
  • Google Video – The Worlds Leading Search Engine Company (hmmm..)
  • Yahoo Video – Do You Yahoo? Your readers and visitors do
  • Vimeo – People Connecting through Video
  • DropShots – The Next Generation of Photo and Video Sharing
  • PhotoBucket – 66 Million People Manage their Media
  • Veoh – Millions of Videos, Veoh finds what you like.
  • VidiLife – Experience the Difference with Real Estate Video
  • MySpace – The Largest Social Network – 300,000,000 profiles
  • Spike TV Video – Real Estate Video on Spike TV?

Here’s a few more to investigate:

  • Viddler – Make Comments On Video with Video or Text
  • WellcomeMat – Allows you to create chapters in Video
  • Mixpo – Online Editing and Publishing – Allows Links in Video

Do You Still Need a Bit More Push or Pull?

pull-people.jpgThis is a good measuring gauge for you to see where you are with Real Estate Video in YOUR business. You might want to seriously start incorporating Video into your business plan asap. Look at others and learn. I am confident in saying that there are more viewers that would prefer watching a video of anything you have to say or do, rather than reading about it.

Now is really the time to start running in the race while everyone else around you is still putting on their shoes. The Pioneers have taken the arrows, the followers are now leaving the building, and the laggards may never catch up as the Internet Real Estate Video takes over the world.

It’s going to take a winning combination of text, links, and video in your RE 2.0 marketing plan
if you want to stay in the Online Race with technology and be successful in your Real Estate business. Video is definitely killing the newsletter farm. Now, you can even send video embedded in email. Flip Video Cameras, Webcams, Cell phone cameras and video, come on, you see where it’s going right? Viral Video Marketing is what sells right now… So Sell!!

If you still have doubts about Real Estate Video or Podcasting, take a look at The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly! created by Jeff Turner from Real Estate Shows.

I think I’ll start a “BlogBuster Video” on the web that charges no late fees! LOL!~