Revaluate is focused on giving you everything you want to know prior to buying (or renting) a new property (see coverage here). Formerly focused exclusively on New York city, the site is now available in the San Francisco market.

They developed a pretty nifty map of the most livable properties in San Francisco, seen here.

Example property here:

Lots and lots of data.

My gut they will have to add listings to the experience if they want to continue to grow — and there are only four options to doing that. Or they can sell to someone who already has listings (Zillow or

Revaluate isn’t the first to try their hand at solving this problem (BlockAvenue, Realtyps among others – both are no longer online), nor will they be the last. Especially after Jason Calacanis’ RFP last year. Can they out execute previous attempts? Is timing better now? Does mobile change the game? Are there new incentives no one has tried before?

I have to imagine whoever captures this long term will have to somehow tie it into the local experts opportunity.

Congrats, Chris & team, for your continued progress. It’s safe to say I’ll be watching Revaluate closely going forward.