[Note from editor: The “Mastermind Showcase” highlights companies and news from members of the Geek Estate Mastermind. Today’s showcase: Revaluate]

Being a real estate agent or lender is a grueling job with more factors than you can count. The amount of uncertainty associated with finding new clients can be disconcerting and instill a great deal of doubt, especially if you struggle to nail down new prospects. Revaluate is an AI-powered software that is working to minimize the guesswork in landing clients by revealing those in your existing database that are most likely to move within the next 3-6 months — giving you the time needed to snatch up clients before they even begin to look for you.

Revaluate offers and easy-to-use, affordable and award-winning artificial intelligence system that weights the Data Ds in a person’s life — Diamonds, Diplomas, Death, Divorce, Downsizing, Dumpsters, Diapers, Discretionary Income and Daily Grind — which contribute to a move. By running this data through predictive analytics algorithms, Revaluate can predict with 84% accuracy those individuals who will be relocating.

Revaluate CEO, Chris Drayer, is passionate about helping agents and lenders achieve the success they deserve without wasting their time. According to Revaluate.com, “Agents cold call prospects in their database — it’s grinding work with a 2% success rate nationally. Finding people likely to move is hard work. Revaluate tells you who is most likely to move. It tracks your prospects for you, sending you a simple text message or email telling you that your prospect is more likely to move.”

What we like: Revaluate is formulated to not only simplify your job, but to help you grow your business. It does this by allowing you to import your contacts into their database, notifying you when one one of your prospects shows signs of moving and encouraging you to connect with that prospect in order to give you a shot at their business.

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