It’s widely agreed upon that the rise of tech-enabled brokerages are one of the major major trends to watch in the real estate industry. Namely, Redfin, Compass, eXp Realty, and NextHome.

From an agent perspective, I’m trying to better understand how these new models differentiate from each other. This weekend, I took a peak at their websites and found a couple videos targeted at agents.

From Compass:

From NextHome:

eXp has a Google Presentation worth looking at here.

Redfin’s career pitch is on their real estate jobs page.

If you’re an agent or broker thinking about switching to a more “modern” brokerage, how do you think about making that decision? What parts of the pitch resonate?

If any of the other tech-enabled models (Prevu, Redfin, TripleMint, Open Listings, etc) have videos, I’d love to see them. Leave them in the comments here or shoot me an email.