I have been networking with agents over the last few weeks about marketing their business online.  Despite the fact that they all came from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and just about anything else you could think of, there was one commonality amongst them all, which I find problematic.  Each one of them said their primary goal was to rank for the keyword “San Diego real estate”.

Why do I see that as a problem?  Because I am concerned that they are about to spend too much time and money on achieving a high ranking for a keyword that will not only be incredibly difficult to obtain, but isn’t even among the most profitable keywords available.

Profitable keywords imply an action.  San Diego real estate implies nothing.  It is just a thing.  San Diego real estate for sale implies an action.  People want something that is for sale, presumably so they can buy it.  Component #1:  Action.

It is natural to think that a keyword as broad and generic as San Diego real estate is going to be the most profitable due to the shear search volume.  However, the truth is that the most powerful keywords are far more focused and have less search volume.  They may be something like Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale.  Rancho Santa Fe is one of the most beautiful areas in San Diego County.  Somebody that searches Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale is far more focused in on what they want and therefore far more likely to take action and buy.

But the more focused approach doesn’t end there.  Even better than Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale would be something more focused.  Something like Rancho Santa Fe Farms homes for sale, Fairbanks Ranch homes for sale, The Bridges homes for sale, or Rancho Santa Fe Covenant homes for sale.  These are all individual neighborhoods within Rancho Santa Fe. People that type keywords like these into the search engines know exactly what they are looking for.

Sure, they have far less search traffic, but the leads you convert from keywords like these are buyers or sellers that are laser focused and are just searching to find a relevant resource that they can rely on.  You can be that resource.  Component #2: Laser Focused Keywords.

1 + 1 = Success

Put component 1 and 2 together and you have an ultra profitable keyword formula.  Best of all it is easier to rank for these keywords than any of their more competitive, yet less effective generic counterparts.   Not only that, but because these people know what they want you will end up spending less time showing them around all over town while they figure it out.  Profits and efficiency all at once.  Beautiful.

Build a page for each neighborhood that you would like to work in and focus your SEO toward action oriented people that know what they are looking for.  You will reap the rewards.