If you have a real estate website then it is essential that you are property utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to its fullest. Here are 10 SEO tips that are great for any real estate website.

Tip #1: Do Your Research

When creating (or promoting) a real estate website, it is essential that you pick the perfect keywords or keyword phrases. When doing so, utilizing Google Keywords can help you to not only find out the competition for each of your desired keywords, but also how many searches each keyword receives locally and globally. This research can help you tailor your keywords to your desired audience while also increasing your chances of success in marketing these keywords.

Tip #2: Effectively Utilize Titles

Now that you have your keywords, it is essential that you use these keywords effectively. When creating titles for everything from your website pages to your blog posts and URL links, you should include your keywords in these titles. As a result, search engine are more likely to pick upon your keywords and help move your website toward the top.

Tip #3: Include Internal Links

This is a SEO tip that is often overlooked but is incredibly important for search engine optimization. When you create blog posts (or website pages) that are related to other content on your website, include an internal link back to that blog post or website page.

Tip #4: Increase Content

One trap that many people fall into is spending a surplus of time creating relevant content for their website and achieving the desired ranking and then stopping all efforts. In a matter of weeks, they stop creating new content and slip in the ranking as a result. Therefore, keeping your website updated with fresh content is important for effective real estate SEO.

Tip #5: Monitor Link Count

Although it is important that you include internal and externals links in your blog posts and website content, it is also essential that you do not over link. Just like adding your keyword too many times on a single page can hinder your SEO efforts, having 100 links on a single page can hinder you as well. Therefore, link within your blog posts but ensure that you are not linking too often.

Tip #6: Utilize Images

Especially in real estate SEO initiatives, properly utilizing images is very important. Make sure you put a description for the image and a URL that includes one of your targeted keywords or key phrases. As a result, search engines will award you for this simple effort.

Tip #7: Ensure Usability

One of the most important things for real estate SEO includes usability. Google is a huge advocate of user-friendly websites that provide helpful links and information. Therefore, ensure that your content is beneficial to your users and provides a simple—yet effective—interface.

Tip #8: Include Virtual Tours

The utilization of videos and pictures are incredibly important in increasing SEO for any website; however, they are even more important for real estate SEO efforts. Including virtual tours of the properties you have for sale can actually help increase your search engine ranking while also drawing potential customers to your website.

Tip #9: Obtain Backlinks

One of the ways that search engines determine the quality of your website is by the number of authoritative backlinks you receive to your website from other quality websites. Keep in mind that not just any link to your website will work; instead, they should be from quality websites that are relevant to real estate. For example, a link to your website from Business Insider will be a lot more effective in increasing your page ranking than a link from a random blog.

Although it may be tempting, do not submit your website to free directories that claim to provide quality backlinks to your website. These “free” backlinks that require little effort often turn away search engines as opposed to drawing them to your website.

Tip #10: Keep Patient

It is essential to realize that it takes time and effort to increase your search engine ranking; therefore, patience is required. Your website will not go from nonexistent on search engines to the #1 spot in a matter of days. However, if you are property utilizing real estate SEO tips that prove to be highly effective and remain patient, your website will start climbing in rank before your eyes.