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About Greg Fischer

Greg Fischer is a real estate broker in Fort Worth, TX. He is also the head of partnerships at Doorsteps. He loves barbecue, football, spotify, Dr. Dre, TCU, and everything Fort Worth.

The long game

by Greg Fischer on 3:40 pm October 15, 2013

I recently listened to Seth Godin’s podcast “Startup School” on iTunes and reflected on my last few years running a real estate business. Not too long ago, I made a commitment to open a brokerage in which I ended up testing many different strategies and advertising mediums to drum up business along the way (most of which required much more time, money and creative capital than what was ultimately accomplished implementing them in the first place). What I realized listening to Godin was that I … Read More »

How to nail video. Be yourself.

by Greg Fischer on 7:41 am June 20, 2013

Tacoma Real Estate

I was up a little late last night reading a few articles I had saved over the last few days when I noticed a couple tweets from Tacoma agent Anne Jones about YouTube uploads. Since I was wide awake at the time I figured I would hop over to YouTube to see exactly what Anne was up to. I’ve had a few really nice interactions with her this year and she’s been one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. She recently introduced me to … Read More »

Is the new Myspace important for my real estate business?

by Greg Fischer on 5:48 pm June 12, 2013

Nope.   (post type inspired by Todd Carpenter)

Legal carnival sideshow

by Greg Fischer on 1:37 pm May 22, 2013

Looks like Ben Cabellero from the infamous NAREP has entered the form promulgation and legal interpretation business. Take a look at the form sent out to brokers and agents in an email today. I find it interesting that the organization is willing to send out forms to a wide network of brokers and agents. What do you think? Is he nuts? Or on to something…(links to message and addendum below)   NAREP email to broker and agents NAREP- Addendum to Listing Agreement   image courtesy … Read More »

Right on time: The Corcoran iPad app

by Greg Fischer on 12:16 pm August 16, 2012

“Introducing the new Corcoran app for iPad! Simply put, when you browse for real estate in New York, The Hamptons or South Florida, we want you to dream big. So we built an app for you that allows you to do just that, every day.” – Description from iTunes Dream big. Clearly, the team at Corcoran was doing just that. A near perfect mobile experience, delivered right on time. For those of you not familiar with Corcoran, they are the largest real estate firm in New … Read More »

A new site and a video you should see

by Greg Fischer on 2:08 pm July 18, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I have a few longer posts on draft but thought I would share a new website and a budding video star with the Geekestate community. Ha Media has been churning out attractive real estate websites for years. However, their new site for Charlotte broker Scott Hartis at is a step in a totally new direction that I think other agents will follow – its a responsive theme powered by the new IDX Broker platinum and is totally tricked … Read More »

1000watt launches new site

by Greg Fischer on 10:32 am June 25, 2012

Veteran real estate marketing firm 1000watt Consulting launched a gorgeous new website this weekend at Go look at it. Nice huh? Knowing the people behind 1000watt it’s safe to say that they won’t make a big deal about this site launch. They simply deliver the goods. No hype needed. This is a beautifully executed mobile responsive design which is easy to look at, easy to navigate, easy to read, and totally devoid of filler.   Congratulations to the 1000watt crew for such a strong showing in … Read More »

Radical is logical #MBAre

by Greg Fischer on 12:56 pm June 5, 2012

Bill Taylor, the founding editor of Fast Company, gave a compelling keynote at the Texas Christian University’s Neely School of Business 75th anniversary dinner.  He talked about constant reinvention, long lasting change, and the art of disruption. But the topic that resonated with me the most…was a reference he made to George Carlin (of all people) and the use of his term: Vuja De. You see, Vuja De is just Deja Vu spelled backwards and is simply an opposite phenomenon.  Applied to business, Bill asks “can you … Read More »

Brand culture in turbulent times #MBAre

by Greg Fischer on 3:08 pm May 25, 2012

Is your business sailing along smoothly? Free from competition or challenges? If you’re in real estate (and truthfully – any business) then the answer is likely no. Not only no, but not anymore and probably not ever again. The real estate landscape has changed, and the only constant now – is change; more change, bigger change, and faster change. Real estate is a highly competitive industry which has turned upside down several times in the last few years. Our new reality is that – anything is … Read More »

The real estate young guns

by Greg Fischer on 8:01 am May 15, 2012

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled Where are the real estate young guns? that highlighted a few very successful (and one might add “tenured”) bloggers, agents, and marketing mavericks in the real estate industry. Their stories are inspirational and serve as a benchmark for anyone looking to make an impact in the real estate spaces. If you don’t follow “The Guard” yet – you should. But this is a new era and like Emilio Estevez says in the movie “we’re gonna show these guys … Read More »

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