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About Matthew Collis

Matthew Collis is the Marketing Manager at IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., a leading North American real estate CRM firm. In addition to overseeing many of IXACT Contact’s key sales and marketing programs, Matthew works with Realtors to help them achieve their real estate goals through effective contact management and relationship marketing. IXACT Contact is a web-based real estate contact management and marketing system that helps REALTORS® better manage and grow their business. The system includes powerful email marketing capabilities and a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter.

Disorganized? You Don’t Need to Be

by Matthew Collis on 8:52 am July 15, 2014

You’re working with a REALTOR®  who’s late for appointments, forgetful, never  has the information you’re asking for (always  has to “get back to you,” which sometime never even happens), is disorganized, and lets certain things fall through the cracks in the listing and closing process. Or you’re a buyer and your agent keeps showing you properties that aren’t in line with what you told them you’re looking for. The unfortunate truth is a lot of people can relate to the statements above. Let’s face it, … Read More »

5 Ultimate Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Tips

by Matthew Collis on 8:03 am June 10, 2014

In this blog post I’m going to outline five excellent real estate contact management and marketing tips that will help you build stronger relationships with your sphere, benefit from a consistent stream of referrals and repeat business, and become a more successful agent both short and long term. 1.  Send targeted and personalized emails to stay in touch with your sphere and take a multi-channel communications approach The “Dear Valued Client” approach or addressing  your clients and prospects with a “Hello” comes across as impersonal … Read More »

4 Compelling Lead Generation Offers REALTORS® Can Provide

by Matthew Collis on 12:59 pm April 21, 2014

Lead generation offers for real estate agents

Good marketers know that lead generation offers can be powerful tools to rein in that next big lead and grow a business. A lead gen offer on a website usually consists of a box on the sidebar of a page asking for the prospect’s name and email address (at a minimum) in exchange for something of value. The benefit of this is that you can capture new, potentially very qualified leads, and then use your Realtor CRM to nurture them over time and convert them … Read More »

Two Key Trends and Why They’re Important For YOUR Business: Cloud-based Real Estate CRMs and Going Paperless

by Matthew Collis on 12:02 pm January 7, 2014

Want to increase productivity? Cut costs? Maximize the safety and security of your data? If so, you’ll want to learn more about two key trends that have hit the real estate industry: cloud-based real estate CRMs and running a paperless business. Cloud computing can equal big savings You’ve likely heard of “the cloud” by now, but if you haven’t, a simple definition of cloud computing is the ability to access applications and data via the web. Contrast this with a desktop program that cannot be … Read More »

Uncover Deep Insights into Your Business through Your Real Estate CRMs Reports

by Matthew Collis on 11:24 am November 27, 2013

There’s one key component of real estate CRMs that’s often neglected – reports. The reporting functionality in a CRM is instrumental to better understanding your business and improving in the appropriate areas.  It’s one way to become a better REALTOR® and exponentially grow your business and income, year after year. An effective real estate CRM will come with a range of pre-designed reports, from a birthday and property purchase anniversary date list to an original source of contact summary report to a referral history report … Read More »

Using Your Real Estate CRM to Convert Leads into Clients

by Matthew Collis on 3:35 pm August 8, 2013

Using Your Real Estate CRM to Convert Leads into Clients

As a REALTOR®, the reality is that you likely spend a lot of time and money getting new real estate leads. But once you acquire these leads, do you have a plan in place to convert them into clients? As you know, not all leads are ready to buy or sell right away. If you’re forgetting to stay in touch with these leads (or dismissing them all together), then in two months, four months, or one year, when they are serious about working with an … Read More »

3 Ways Email Campaign Reports Will Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

by Matthew Collis on 8:50 am June 25, 2013

The best real estate contact management software and email marketing solutions offer Email Campaign Reports. These reports give you insight into your email marketing efforts; they provide you with data on who and how many people opened a mass email you’ve sent out, who and how many people clicked on links within your email, and which emails bounced. This data will prove tremendously valuable in boosting the effectiveness of your email marketing. Just like that handy smartphone app, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Here are … Read More »

Email Marketing the Right Way

by Matthew Collis on 11:02 am November 12, 2012

Like you, on a given day I receive a lot of email. Some of that email is marketing related and from companies whose products and services I use. Now, while I read many of these emails, I delete a lot of them without really giving them the time of day. Coming from a marketing and technology background, I know what makes an effective marketing email. While there are many things that determine an email’s effectiveness in terms of opens, clicks, reads, etc., in this article … Read More »

Build Relationships with a Monthly e-Newsletter

by Matthew Collis on 11:33 am July 23, 2012

Real estate e-Newsletter

Is email marketing dead like some have claimed? Or is it alive and well, proving more effective and beneficial over other key channels of communication? As you’ll see below, email communications should not be underestimated and e-Newsletters in particular, combined with Email Campaign Reporting, can be essential in building and nurturing relationships with those in your real estate contact management database. ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey paints us a picture of why we shouldn’t neglect email communications, such as e-Newsletters, but instead embrace them. Over … Read More »

iPhone, iPad, and a Real Estate CRM – Making Them All Work Together

by Matthew Collis on 5:37 am February 4, 2012

Are you a Mac user? If so, this article is for you. You have a Mac computer, probably an iPhone, and there’s a good chance that you have an iPad or plan on getting one in the near future. Now, as a REALTOR®, you’re wondering how to integrate your Apple products with a real estate CRM (Disclosure: I work for a company that sells a real estate CRM, IXACTContact). In this blog post, I’m not going to discuss the merits of a CRM or why you … Read More »

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