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Building Community in Apartment Buildings

by Drew Meyers on 12:14 pm February 22, 2017

Given my own passion for community building, it’s probably no surprise I love everything about this mornings Evergrey newsletter (& blog post): People talk about how there’s no sense of community in their [apartment] buildings,” Stephanie said. “Not in the buildings I manage.” … Some years ago Stephanie saw a woman sitting by herself at a barbecue. She started talking to her, then invited her out to dinner with friends. Now the woman, who had just moved here from Chicago, is one of Stephanie’s closest friends. The … Read More »

MetaProp NYC Demo: Flip

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 am February 20, 2017

We’ve covered Flip previously in one of our founder interviews. They presented at MetaProp NYC’s 2017 demo day. Having lived in numerous countries between 2010 and 2015 (among them Chile, Thailand, Spain, Ghana, Kenya), mobility and housing is something I spend an immense amount of time thinking about. Horizon is a a very different product, but certainly banking on the same mobility trend. I love the approach Flip is taking. For those interested in rentals, mobility, travel, and flexible living arrangements — I encourage you to watch … Read More » – Connecting Departing Tenants with Renters

by Drew Meyers on 9:53 am August 20, 2016

Yesterday I came across, another player tackling medium term rentals in NYC by connecting renters directly with departing tenants. Given how crazy broker fees are there, it’s no surprise New York City is a hotbed for startups working on medium and long term rentals — Flip is also there (see prior coverage here), as well as RentHackr (see here). This is a space I’ve been thinking a lot about the last few months (here, here). Know anyone else working on something in the medium term rentals … Read More »

The Rental Process for Single Property Landlords, and Tenant-Landlord Laws in Seattle

by Drew Meyers on 1:53 pm August 8, 2016

As you know by now, I’ve been thinking about rentals a lot recently (see here and here) as a result of having to move in the next month. I’m signing a lease later tonight, and was sent the City of Seattle’s landlord and tenant laws this morning: seattle-landlord-tenant-laws Is it just me, or is this overly complex? I’ll wager a guess that fewer than 10% of tenants actually read these laws prior to signing paperwork and moving in – or, ever. There has to be a better … Read More »

How Do you Monetize Rentals to Better the Consumer Experience?

by Drew Meyers on 9:41 am August 1, 2016

Sam’s right (read comments on this post). There’s little financial incentive for someone to really improve the consumer rental experience on the tenant side. Rather than the tenant paying, perhaps the best incentive is agents/brokers building trusted relationships with future buyers by delivering real value by making the process of scheduling showings more efficient? Many brokerages do have agents and assistants with down time. Why not have them spend some of that helping coordinate a better rental experience for tenants? Renters today are tomorrow’s buyers. Rentals … Read More »

A Few Thoughts on Rentals & the Seattle Market

by Drew Meyers on 2:46 pm July 26, 2016

I’m in a real world real estate scenario right now. I need to find a place to move by September 1st. Context: A year ago, after several years of not having a permanent place of my own, I finally resettled full time in Seattle, and rented a condo in Queen Anne from a friend. That friend is now selling the condo rather than continuing to rent it out, so I’m seeking a new rental in the exact same area (Lower Queen Anne). I thought about buying, but … Read More »

Know Someone Who Needs a Roommate, or Seeking to Sublet their Place for the Summer?

by Drew Meyers on 9:22 pm June 1, 2016

I mentioned in March Horizon now supports sublet opportunities. This morning, we shipped an incredibly important update to Horizon’s iOS — the ability to actually find those sublets. You can now sort your city results by accommodation type (which includes a sublet filter). Efficiently finding hosts with the right type of accommodations has been our app’s biggest weakness since we launched. Would love your thoughts on the intuitiveness of the filters. If you search in Seattle you should find one or two sublets. Our next big challenge is getting some … Read More » – Rent, sell or share anything – without middlemen

by Drew Meyers on 11:40 am May 31, 2016

Something to think on this Tuesday morning… Is there a residential real estate sales angle to this technology?

Horizon’s Android Version is Now Available

by Drew Meyers on 11:22 am April 26, 2016

I’ve alluded to the fact we’ve been working on and testing an Android version of Horizon. Today, I’m excited to be able to announce we’ve released a public Android beta on Product Hunt — with full support for posting and filtering to find sublets. Would love your support with a download, and a comment. Especially if you use an Android device, please head over now…

Horizon Now Supports Advertising Sublets

by Drew Meyers on 1:48 pm March 22, 2016

We recently released a big update to Horizon’s iOS offering that allows hosts (aka owners) to post sublet opportunities. For those looking to find a tenant for a sublet, here’s the current workflow: Post on Facebook….wait. Post on Twitter…wait. Post in private/secret Facebook groups you belong to…wait. Post on Facebook again…wait. Get fed up and post on Craigslist, knowing you’re going to have to deal with inquires from random strangers & interview them (aka “speed date”). Yes, there is a better way. We view Horizon as … Read More »

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