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Real Estate SEO | Be Better Than Your Competitors

The real estate industry is one of the most complex industries on Earth to gain market share in. The reason for this is the fact that hundreds of real estate agents are all competing against each other in their local market every day, yet they remain united as team members under the umbrella of a larger brokerage. What this means for individual agents is that to promote & gain new real estate business, they have to rely strongly on brand recognition of their main brokerage, team branding and most importantly personal branding. This can be a tricky task for the inexperienced agent.

Why Is SEO So Important? 

A study conducted by National Association of Realtors found that over 90 percent of homebuyers, both new and elite, usually begin their real estate search online. This means that those few real estate firms that have massive internet presences with great visibility are likely to succeed amidst the strong competition seen in the industry.

The very nature of the real estate marketplace requires that agents and brokerages websites be optimized for local search. Furthermore, these websites are usually large and complex and experts in SEO and SEM should be consulted in order to achieve your campaign goals and produce a positive ROI for your business. A well-optimized real estate website will rank higher and in turn pull more traffic potentially translating into more leads and sales for you. Please review my previous article about what characteristics a high converting real estate website should have.

Website Basics

To complicate matters even more, the local keywords for real estate markets are usually very limited and therefore highly competitive. Both brokerage firms and individual agents tend to use the very same keywords (usually location + homes for sale or location + real estate). Thus clever research is needed to find the right keywords, which is essential when designing your SEO campaign and is also vital to optimizing your website to it’s fullest potential.

Important SEO Strategies You Need To Know

In order to rank your website favorably on Google and the other popular search engines, there are several tactics and techniques that must be used when optimizing your website. The most important include the following:

  • Geo-targeting and local SEO: It is important that the website contain the right set of keywords that clearly defines the geographical location of the homes for sale. i.e. Philadelphia homes for sale, Seattle homes for sale, etc…
  • Use of proper URL structure: You have to ensure that the URL should be as clean as possible and very well optimized. Use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) etc…
  • Very high quality local, optimized content: Search engines especially like Google put a lot of emphasis on the quality of website contents. It should be unique, specific, relevant and fluent. Stay on topic! Don’t be a jack of all trades be a master of one.
  • The performance and the usability of the website: Because of the complex nature of the real estate business, consumers may find their websites difficult to navigate. #1 rule when building a website…make it so easy to use/navigate that your 5 year old daughter can’t get lost! Also make sure your website loads quickly, you need great hosting.
  • The other important strategies include advanced keyword research, using social media signals, link building and connecting your website with other industry RELEVANT websites and content.

Pro Tip: It’s always a good idea to add your phone number to your websites title. This can help add that extra oomph to generating some online calls.

There are literally dozens of other strategies but those are for another time and a more advanced post. Please if you have any questions leave them in the comments I’m happy to help. If you find yourself really stuck, contact me I am always available for free advice and guidance. Hope you guys enjoyed!

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Rob is an entrepreneur, advisor and SEO consultant with Contact me with any questions about your project!

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  • I am struggling with SEO right now, as I neglected it and am now paying the price. It is extremely complicated and I am working with Bing and Google Webmaster Tools and Moz and Google Analytics along with PPC with both Bing and Google. Not sure about putting the phone number in the title tag. From what I am reading the title tag needs to describe the page, and a phone number does not describe what the page is nor is it a keyword anyone would search on.
    Thanks for your post.

      • It is a disaster. We had the top spot for many years for a critical search term, and now we got bounced down to #6
        When I went into webmaster tools I was horrified to see what was happening with old links and pages Google was trying to search from my old Website. Now the question is will we ever recover to that position again.

        I heard the top spot gets 18% of the clicks, and where we are now gets less than 2%, so it is very disappointing. I increased my PPC spending to try to compensate meanwhile, but PPC is just not the same as being in the top 3 of the organic results.

        • #1 organic position get 53% of the clicks for searched keywords. You need to hire an SEO consultant to clean up your link profile. This is something you will struggle with on your own unfortunately. Penguin is most likely the culprit that bounced you down. If you like I can take a look for you and see what happened Bryn.

          • Yes, please take a look and let me know if this is something you can help me with, thanks.

          • Yes please visit my site and email me. I’ll take a look and point you in the right direction.

  • Yes Bryn, there is plenty of room to make your point with your keywords and still have the phone number in there.
    Remember also you do not want to be targeting 5 keywords with one page
    of the website. Break it up into different pages so you CAN have a nice,
    converting title/description. Don’t just write your title/description
    for SEO. You need to remember you still have to entice people to click on it and if
    it sounds like a robot wrote it they won’t! Also EVERY page of your
    website should be designed and treated like a conversion page.

  • People sometimes forget that we are writing these titles, descriptions, content and posts to invoke a response from a visitor, prospect or lead. We want to have
    somebody call or email us, not just browse our website and leave. Write
    everything FOR people not for search engines. Find the happy median
    where you can accomplish both and you are set. Contact me if you need some help/advice on this. I would be happy to help point you in the right direction.

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