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Tag Archives: content creation

Alphabet Soup – The Acronym Conundrum

by Michael Price on 4:02 pm March 2, 2017

Alphabet Soup

I recently started a new job, and while getting the lay of the land regarding my role and responsibilities, I have made a commitment to myself and the new clients I will work with in the future. It’s time to dump the alphabet soup and begin communicating in a way that sets a different tone. I am talking about the acronym conundrum. How many conversations have you been a part of where the other person rattles off terms like SAAS, CRM, SEO, MVP, etc.? If … Read More »

Content Isn’t King Anymore… Distribution is.

by Andrew Gale on 8:26 am September 27, 2014

There was a day where content was king. What happened next was 27million+ content pieces being created and shared everyday. Now content is just flash on your Twitter feed. Let’s leave that phrase in the past. Focused Content Should Always Be a Focus When you create content for the purpose of gaining rankings for a researched keyword, then it can still be relevant and valuable. The key to having these pages though is growing them over time with internal linking, backlinking and always making them … Read More »

Need Traffic? Build Content!

by BenFisher on 1:44 pm September 12, 2012

One of the biggest issues agents face with driving traffic to their websites is often the least talked about. Yes you need to build backlinks, establish a social media presence, build relationships online, but the under-utilization of building a site with a large amount of content is often ignored. Many agents will put up a site, create a page for their main areas they service with a few paragraphs, and install an IDX. Why stop there? Those pages can only generate so much traffic while many searchers … Read More »

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