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The Rise of Coworking, and Industrious

by Drew Meyers on 6:26 pm March 7, 2018

Did you know coworking is responsible for 1% of the 600 billion in office rents every year? However, that said, that figure is slated to jump to 15-20% by 2020. That’s a gigantic shift in the commercial landscape. Who will benefit? You all know WeWork (a company I’ve mentioned several times in the weekly newsletter for mastermind members). But not many of you likely know their biggest competitor, Industrious. I’ve worked at Impact Hub since 2013, been to events at WeWork’s, heard about Makers, visited Office … Read More »

What Would An Amazon Strategy for Brokerages/Franchises Entail?

by Drew Meyers on 10:49 pm June 25, 2017

You probably heard the news about the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon ($13.7 billion). It’s a big deal — Amazon just secured their biggest and best customer for their grocery services. Honestly, Amazon’s strategy and execution are beyond comprehension. For the curious, there’s some great analysis of the acquisition by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal on the latest edition of the Acquired podcast. Enough about Whole Foods. What I really wanted to speculate on is…. what would an Amazon strategy look like, were they in the shoes … Read More »

Crowdfunding Real Estate Projects Around the Globe

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am March 7, 2017

Curbed ran a piece on crowdfunding real estate last week that’s worth a read (for those interested in crowdfunding & investing in real estate). One excerpt I took notice of: Wall Street funds have also played a role in its three other New York projects, slated to open later this year. They’re part of what Prodigy Network is calling “The Assemblage,” coworking and co-living facilities geared toward what slick marketing materials refer to as “a community of individuals who believe the world is at the verge … Read More »

Co-Working Movement, and A Future Brokerage/Franchise Tie

by Drew Meyers on 9:27 am September 8, 2015

Why real estate companies have not gone down the path of operating co-working spaces is beyond me. Impact Hub. WeWork. Galvanize. They all operate in Seattle. They are all communities of hundreds of people, and are the center of the local entrepreneurial community. Most of the startup events in the city happen at one of those co-working offices. Before every event, guess who greets everyone in the room? Yup, someone who works for the co-working establishment. The “host”. That short welcome talk includes a short overview of … Read More »

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