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Tag Archives: email marketing

Do REALTORS think it’s OK to SPAM Now?

by Mike McGee on 9:50 am January 21, 2016

Facebook has recently become replete with countless real estate groups of every stripe. There are tech support groups, online marketing groups, direct mail groups, WordPress groups, video groups and so on, all focusing on the real estate realm. This can be a great resource to brainstorm with others in the industry, hammer out best-practices, find cool tools, etc. But it can also become an annoyance when you just want to see what’s up with your college buddies but your newsfeed ends up inundated with real estate posts. … Read More »

Email Marketing the Right Way

by Matthew Collis on 11:02 am November 12, 2012

Like you, on a given day I receive a lot of email. Some of that email is marketing related and from companies whose products and services I use. Now, while I read many of these emails, I delete a lot of them without really giving them the time of day. Coming from a marketing and technology background, I know what makes an effective marketing email. While there are many things that determine an email’s effectiveness in terms of opens, clicks, reads, etc., in this article … Read More »

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