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Tag Archives: mobile real estate

Responsive real estate website design – a DIY project, Part 1

by Mike McGee on 1:54 pm December 9, 2013

A few of you may know that I’m currently redeveloping our Atlanta real estate website,, to give it a design refresh. Though I considered outsourcing our website to an all-in-one design / hosting / idx service provider, in the end I decided I was too much of a WordPress addict (read: control freak) to give up that flexibility. With WordPress, for virtually anything you want to do, “there’s a plugin for that.” (In fact, there are some excellent plugins that come in very handy specifically … Read More »

Using QR Codes with dsSearchAgent Mobile

by Dominic Morrocco on 9:36 am September 6, 2011

Effective use of QR codes in your marketplace will make you look like a tech-savvy, industry-leading rock star.  Ineffective use, will make you look like a fool. You only need to understand one principal to direct your QR strategy.  Your end-user, or lead, is using a mobile device.  It is paramount the content you deliver, be mobile format friendly.  Relevancy is a nice bonus. For many agents, this means a single property website solution offered by an online vendor.  A simple, mobile-friendly landing page with … Read More »

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