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TechStars Enters the Real Estate Accelerator Picture with Partnership with Colliers

by Drew Meyers on 10:10 pm January 21, 2018

I’ve written about real estate accelerators before, and even questioned how many of them the industry can support. The real estate accelerator space got a tad more crowded last week. The clear leader in accelerators, Techstars, is partnering with Colliers to launch the Colliers PropTech Accelerator Powered by Techstars. My biggest questions: “Proptech” is a massively broad category encompassing residential sales, rentals, commercial, smart home, and mortgage (among others). How do applicants/portfolio companies play out between commercial (where Colliers can help the most) and the rest of the industry? What strategic distribution … Read More »

Entrepreneurs: Less than One Month to Apply to the 2017 MetaProp Accelerator

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am July 26, 2017

Entrepreneurs: you’ve got less than one month to apply for MetaProp NYC’s 2017 class. Apply here (until August 15th). What are you waiting for?

Fifth Wall = The Next Real Estate Accelerator

by Drew Meyers on 9:30 am July 18, 2017

Fifth Wall, a VC firm based in LA that has raised over $200M, is entering real estate accelerator game (see TechCrunch). The program’s goal: Fifth Wall’s Accelerator Program is a 12-month program designed to help early-stage companies: (1) get introduced to real estate companies and potential customers, (2) leverage our team’s & our strategic LPs real estate expertise, and (3) position our Accelerator companies to raise a VC round within 6-12 months. It’s obvious real estate / property tech is a massive, massive vertical — especially if … Read More »

Future Cities Accelerator

by Drew Meyers on 5:47 pm August 12, 2016

Agents and brokers — and the broader industry — has a vested interest in ensuring cities grow and prosper. The Unreasonable Institute and Rockefeller Foundation’s are working together on the Future Cities Accelerator, offering 10 grants of $100,000. The goal is to help organizations serving poor or vulnerable populations in U.S. cities scale/grow. Entrepreneurs: what are you waiting for?

MetaProp NYC Accepting Applications for 2016 Cohort

by Drew Meyers on 4:41 pm May 6, 2016

Note to all startup founders, MetaProp NYC is accepting applications for their 2016 accelerator. Flip, a company profiled here already, is the anchor member of the 2016 cohort. Apply now (closes July 31st):

pilabs’ 3rd Cohort of Startups

by Drew Meyers on 8:57 am April 24, 2016

PiLabs, an accelerator in London, recently announced it’s 3rd cohort of startups: Candarin Home: A platform for Chinese and other international students to find accommodation. Industry Hub: Enables developers to discover the professionals behind projects they admire and crease online notebooks. A who’s who of a building’s players. Office App: A tenant engagement platform that links office workers directly with services. Urban Intelligence: Enables developers to instantly identify what risks and opportunities are posed to projects by the planning system. Insight Residential: Uses big data to … Read More »

Congrats to REach’s 2016 Cohort

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 am April 20, 2016

More startup news… congrats on those selected for REach’s 2016 class (press release): Flipt enables brokers and agents to win more listings by connecting with millions of home sellers at the earliest stages of their selling decision. Homeselfe by Energy Datametrics helps brokers and agents engage more prospects and close more deals by helping their clients lower utility bills by 30 percent, get rebates for upgrades and increase home value. HomeDiary by FloorPlanOnline allows homeowners and buyers to dream and visualize updates to their homes … Read More »

MOTIVE RE Tech Incubator Takes A Pause

by Michael Price on 3:43 pm February 16, 2016

John Backes of Motive, a real estate technology accelerator recently announced that they will be putting their aggressive plans for 2016 on hold. Last June Motive took off like a rocket with 85 applications and 4 companies receiving funding. “Clearly, much has changed since last summer, and the markets are in a season of sharp correction and uncertainty. Our guess is the waters will be quite risky for the remainder of 2016.” When things turn around, I have no doubt that you will see Motive … Read More »

pilabs – A Property Innovation Accelerator in London

by Drew Meyers on 6:00 am December 18, 2015

If you’re an early stage real estate startup looking for an accelerator with real estate expertise/focus to help get you get to market, pilabs in London is one option currently taking applications. They provide £40,000 British pounds in exchange for 7% stake in your company. Of course, you’ll have to head to London — but hey, London’s certainly not a bad spot to be (I visited in 2005 & again in 2010). Apply now (deadline February 5, 2016).

You is Now, A Real Estate Accelerator in Berlin

by Drew Meyers on 9:54 am December 15, 2015

You is Now is a startup accelerator based in Berlin. I asked Sebastian Oehmigen to answer a few questions about the program to give founders more insight into the value proposition and what to expect. Why should real estate tech founders choose You is Now? Our biggest value is that we are backed by one of Germany’s most successful internet startups which has grown into a huge company and is market leader today: ImmobilienScout24. With more than 520 employees it is one of Germany’s biggest internet companies. … Read More »

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