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Real Estate CRMs and Lead Management: Where Is The Integration Automation?

by Sam DeBord on 9:36 am April 15, 2014

I’ve been reviewing dozens of CRMs over the past year for projects within my own team as well as others’ businesses. The majority of these discussions include a fairly simple question: Will this CRM automatically import/update itself with the leads I get from various sources? Traditional CRMs are great for managing your “customers”, which is what they were designed for. It’s striking how many haven’t gotten past that point, though. Most real estate agents and teams that I know are generating leads through their own … Read More »

Two Key Trends and Why They’re Important For YOUR Business: Cloud-based Real Estate CRMs and Going Paperless

by Matthew Collis on 12:02 pm January 7, 2014

Want to increase productivity? Cut costs? Maximize the safety and security of your data? If so, you’ll want to learn more about two key trends that have hit the real estate industry: cloud-based real estate CRMs and running a paperless business. Cloud computing can equal big savings You’ve likely heard of “the cloud” by now, but if you haven’t, a simple definition of cloud computing is the ability to access applications and data via the web. Contrast this with a desktop program that cannot be … Read More »

Uncover Deep Insights into Your Business through Your Real Estate CRMs Reports

by Matthew Collis on 11:24 am November 27, 2013

There’s one key component of real estate CRMs that’s often neglected – reports. The reporting functionality in a CRM is instrumental to better understanding your business and improving in the appropriate areas.  It’s one way to become a better REALTOR® and exponentially grow your business and income, year after year. An effective real estate CRM will come with a range of pre-designed reports, from a birthday and property purchase anniversary date list to an original source of contact summary report to a referral history report … Read More »

Using Your Real Estate CRM to Convert Leads into Clients

by Matthew Collis on 3:35 pm August 8, 2013

Using Your Real Estate CRM to Convert Leads into Clients

As a REALTOR®, the reality is that you likely spend a lot of time and money getting new real estate leads. But once you acquire these leads, do you have a plan in place to convert them into clients? As you know, not all leads are ready to buy or sell right away. If you’re forgetting to stay in touch with these leads (or dismissing them all together), then in two months, four months, or one year, when they are serious about working with an … Read More »

Real Estate CRM Survey Statistics

by Drew Meyers on 10:07 pm January 8, 2013

As promised, I am sharing the results from the survey regarding usage of real estate CRM’s that ran a few weeks ago. There were 60 total responses, 44 of which came from agents. The fact that 50% of people fell inside the “Other” bucket proves the fragmented nature of the real estate CRM market. Other companies that got a mention: Act!, Base CRM, Boomtown, Capsule, ConXt, Daylite, Evernote+Gmail, Fastrak CRM, Follow Up Boss,, InfusionSoft,, iXact, Nimble, Prodigy Juggler, Salesforce, Realty Juggler, REDS, and Top Producer … Read More »

What Real Estate CRM Do You Use?

by Drew Meyers on 11:48 am December 18, 2012

There are a ton of CRM’s out there — Top Producer, Wise Agent, HighRise, PropertyBase, and about 50 others — and software vendors in the industry have to pick and choose which ones to integrate with. The missing piece of the development priority for vendors is — what are the most widely used real estate CRM’s? To answer that, we need data. So, which CRM do you use? Please take 30 seconds and fill out the form embedded below…. Loading…

Sad Truth: New real estate tools don't integrate with CRM

by Geordie Romer on 3:06 pm December 13, 2012

I have seen a disturbing trend of late among vendors and developers of real estate tech tools. Since it baffles me, I’m sure it bothers other agents as well and I would be surprised if it isn’t hampering the sales of efforts of these innovating tech companies. Why don’t these new tools easily interact with my existing tool set – specifically my CRM? In my estimation there are three kinds of agents (or consumers from the vendor perspective) these days. The first type of agent … Read More »

Email Marketing the Right Way

by Matthew Collis on 11:02 am November 12, 2012

Like you, on a given day I receive a lot of email. Some of that email is marketing related and from companies whose products and services I use. Now, while I read many of these emails, I delete a lot of them without really giving them the time of day. Coming from a marketing and technology background, I know what makes an effective marketing email. While there are many things that determine an email’s effectiveness in terms of opens, clicks, reads, etc., in this article … Read More »

Zillow Realty, and a Couple Other Recent Industry Stories

by Drew Meyers on 3:58 am April 23, 2012

There have been a number of issues going on in the industry recently, and some of them haven’t been covered here on Geek Estate — so thought I’d do a quick recap: 1. Rumors that Zillow will become a Brokerage (AGBeat story) Zillow Realty has a nice ring to it, and they’d probably even sign up a few agents if they flipped the switch. But honestly? Do you really think a brokerage is Zillow’s grand plan? They make their money selling technology and marketing services to … Read More »

iPhone, iPad, and a Real Estate CRM – Making Them All Work Together

by Matthew Collis on 5:37 am February 4, 2012

Are you a Mac user? If so, this article is for you. You have a Mac computer, probably an iPhone, and there’s a good chance that you have an iPad or plan on getting one in the near future. Now, as a REALTOR®, you’re wondering how to integrate your Apple products with a real estate CRM (Disclosure: I work for a company that sells a real estate CRM, IXACTContact). In this blog post, I’m not going to discuss the merits of a CRM or why you … Read More »

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