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Nextdoor and ListHub /

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 am October 26, 2017

While looking at Nextdoor this evening, I noticed a couple things as it relates to real estate listings… They are syndicating listings from ListHub They struck a deal with for the “see more nearby listings” upsell (seen in the screen shot below) Especially since the Move/ is showing up in Seattle where Zillow is headquartered, I have a hunch Zillow’s biz dev team will notice. Think Nextdoor is using this as leverage to get a better deal with Zillow? (I’m still guessing a Zillow-Nextdoor match happens at … Read More »

October Sponsor Showcase, Round 1

by Drew Meyers on 8:57 am October 5, 2017

Thank you to our October sponsors… Zavvie is a hyperlocal marketing platform – the place where savvy, trusted local real estate agents go to become the neighborhood go-to resource. zavvie delivers a complete social media and hyperlocal system for top agents to build their listing business and make – or keep – them the dominant agent in their neighborhood. Learn More TurboTenant helps independent landlords improve the investment performance of their properties by offering them access to online tools, previously only available to large property management … Read More »

Blogging…Local Market Analysis

by Drew Meyers on 10:00 am May 19, 2015

Do you write weekly or monthly market analysis pieces on your own blog or website? If so, would you publish them elsewhere for added exposure? If not, would a place to publish with more eyeballs be enticing enough to get you to write them regularly? From Suzanne Roy: Hey!® is looking for great REALTOR® bloggers!!® and one of our News Corp sister companies is looking for a number of REALTORS® across the country who can contribute to a national feature we are developing jointly … Read More »

The National Broker Public Portal: Simplicity, Differentiation Are the Paths To Success

by Sam DeBord on 3:30 pm February 22, 2015

Simplicity - Broker Public Portal

There has been a lot written about the possibility of a national Broker Public Portal for real estate–probably too much, for a project that’s nowhere near being off the ground yet.  Still, the idea rallies the spirits of many brokers, so it has legs. The hurdles in front of the project are massive, and they shouldn’t be ignored.  They should become the focus of the project.  Its success will not be driven by trying to overcome them, but finding a way around them. A member-led … Read More »

News Corp. To Acquire Move.Com, Operators of Realtor.Com

by Michael Price on 10:06 am September 30, 2014

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is acquiring the operators of Realtor.Com, Move Inc. in a cash deal of $950 million. News corp. sees this acquisition as a “powerful pillar” of their portfolio. What are your thoughts? Is this a game changer?

Case-Shiller Acquisition Thoughts — WTF?

by Drew Meyers on 11:00 pm May 27, 2013

I was just talking shop with Greg Fischer tonight, and we got to discussing recent real estate industry acquisitions. How did I miss the fact that CoreLogic bought Case-Shiller from Fiserv for….$6 MILLION? That’s it? WTF? Why on earth did Trulia not buy that brand? Case-Shiller would have given them an instant seat at the table in terms of mindshare for housing trends in the national media. They spent $355 Million on Market Leader, but not $6 Million on Case-Shiller? And why on earth did Zillow … Read More »'s New Digs: Getting Slim and Cozy

by Sam DeBord on 9:58 am March 5, 2013 just went through a major design overhaul and I thought it would be interesting to see the reaction of the tech crowd. It looks to me like it’s a move in the direction of most of the larger internet-based companies: simplify, streamline, and create a sleek, modern feel. (Disclaimer: I’m a guest writer for, but I receive no compensation or financial incentives from the company.  I just enjoy picking apart this stuff.) The home page for first-time visitors has been redesigned with just … Read More »

First Look: RealtorDotCom App Solidifies Clients; One Link From a Category Killer ( Agent-Branded Real Estate App)

by Sam DeBord on 6:00 am September 16, 2012 released their new agent-branded mobile real estate app on the Apple iPhone and iPad this week (Android can’t be far off).  With their previous version of the mobile app already being the most accurate nationwide real estate app (direct MLS listing data) and having the most advanced search (draw an outline of a neighborhood with your finger), integrating agent-client relationships is sure to increase this app’s use by professionals and consumers. Before going into the new features, it’s important to see the value of … Read More »

RealtorDotCom and the Free Agent-Branded Mobile App: Flexing Strategic Muscle, Building Interdependence (

by Sam DeBord on 7:16 am August 24, 2012 free agent-branded app

In case you haven’t read it yet, is planning to release a new version of its mobile app that is branded for the individual agent–and it’s going to be free.  You can read Inman’s review of the upcoming product but, to put it simply, an individual agent can have their clients download one of the best mobile apps available for iPad, iPhone, or Android, and all of the app’s contact features, including the ability to schedule appointments and chat about a property in real-time, … Read More »

Zillow Reframe – A New Point Of View

by Daniel Beer on 6:21 pm May 29, 2012

I recently made my first significant contribution to the ongoing Z, T, R saga, which I urge you to read and consider here.  Though it was posted on another source, I thought it was significant enough that I did not want GEB readers to miss out on the discussion. In short, I feel that while Z, T, and R are not my favorite thing to ever happen to the real estate industry, we should be content that they are what they are and not a … Read More »

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