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The Value of a Domain Name: What if Google Removed URLs from Chrome?

by Sam DeBord on 3:14 pm March 9, 2015

Google Chrome Domain Names No URL

Real estate media is all about traffic right now.  Broker sites, agent sites, and the national portal websites are battling for SEO, ad placement, and brand recognition. Those of us in the SEO-centric crowd focus a lot on domain names, and how much value they create for an online venture.  There’s clearly still value in an “exact match domain” (though it’s shrinking), in a shorter domain name (too long and it’s spammy), and a memorable domain name that aligns with your brand (you don’t need … Read More »

What Did You Do in 2009 That Made A Huge Difference?

by Jeff Manson on 11:53 am December 23, 2009

Reflecting back on the past year. I came up with three things that made a huge difference in my business. I would like to share them with you and here what you did in 2009 that made a huge difference. 1. Made the real estate search prominent on the homepage. (By putting the search high on the home page it made it really easy for the user to get right into a search for real estate. This caused the bounce rate to drastically drop.) 2. … Read More »

Why Kills Google's Twitter Announcement

by Matthew Dollinger on 4:55 pm October 22, 2009

Google and Twitter has been big news across the blogosphere today… unfortunately it provokes a “meh” response from me. Why? Because a simple plugin for IE or Firefox called WebMynd (that has been around for quite a while) already did this and much much more. Read More »

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