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The Smart Squeeze Strategy of Zillow’s Premier Agent Summits

by Sam DeBord on 5:00 am February 29, 2016

Zillow Premier Agent Summit

I went to Zillow’s Premier Agent Summit in Seattle this week. It was a focused and well-run event, one that smartly ties in with the company’s current strategy of developing uber-Zillow-agents as its core following and revenue stream. I’ll get back to that in a second, but I know that a few of you are shaking your heads in disbelief after that first paragraph. I have a reputation in certain circles as being “anti-Zillow”. I’m unapologetically quick to criticize the company when they don’t play … Read More »

Resurrecting The Idea of Video Hotspots

by Michael Price on 11:50 am March 14, 2013

Gravidi is a startup that chose SXSW to launch a new iPad app that provides the ability to add hotspots to video. Truth told, it’s really nothing new. Apple’s Quicktime and slew of 3 rd party applications were out about 7 to 12 years ago with the ability to add hotspots in videos and VR content. I’d show you some examples parked on some old drives from my video/vr days but none of them will run on a Circa 2009 iMac and I’m not about … Read More »

Using Video to Strengthen your Relationships

by GreenBayGreg on 2:25 pm December 21, 2011

It’s that time of the year when I’m in the giving mood and the Geek Estate Community deserve to get some great relevant content for the Christmas season. Today I’m sharing an example of what I’m doing with video to help strengthen my relationships with my trusted partners.  I’ve picked my top 5 trusted business partners that I already currently pass a decent amount of introductions to and have put together a video about why I like them and that they are MY Guy and you … Read More »

What Can YouTube Do for a Real Estate Agent?

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 pm October 24, 2011

Here’s a question from Tom Lipinski in Lake St Clair: What is the significance (or non-significance) of having a YouTube page/channel? What can YouTube do for me? One response from Chase Thompson on Twitter: @drewmeyers it has driven 100% of my business that hasn’t been referral or past client. Granted social/blogging/teaching has played a role. it all stems from my videos. Here’s a video response from Greg Dallaire in Green Bay. What’s your answer? [disclosure Tom Lipinski and Greg Dallaire are both clients of Virtual Results]

Pillow'd – A case for Viral Video

by Jeremy Rivera on 5:23 pm August 19, 2008

After my last post about utilizing video because of the potential audience across Youtube, I stumbled over this brilliant marketing video that actually originated from Zillow. Great Job Guys! My favorite part if the guy at the end crashing into the table.

2008 Stats from YouTube and Why you should use Video Tours

by Jeremy Rivera on 12:19 pm August 14, 2008

Youtube Usage 2008 WeeklySEO clued me into a a PDF from Google for 2008 that provides some recent stats about YouTube usuage. It is full of really interesting and detailed information about JUST HOW MUCH YouTube has grown and how much use it is getting. Specific to why you should use video tours, if you review the stats of Youtube users, you can tell that real estate’s prime target ages are actually online in greater numbers than teenagers! This gives Realtors a better idea of who … Read More »

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