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Play Bigger, and Category Kings

by Drew Meyers on 7:20 pm December 16, 2016

I started a new book this morning. Play Bigger (affiliate link). The book talks about category kings, and the fact that the king always captures 70-80% of value/revenue in a given category, 2nd place grabs enough to scrape by and remain viable — and everyone else fights for the scraps (and generally ceases to exist). Category kings don’t sell better. They sell different. There is one clear a category killer in online real estate. Zillow. (in fact, Rich Barton was mentioned in the book for his work … Read More »

The Sad Decline of Diverse Solutions IDX

by Mike McGee on 6:22 pm September 1, 2016

If you’ve followed my posts here on Geek Estate, you know I’ve had a long history as a customer of Diverse Solutions. I’m not sure exactly when I started with them, probably sometime in 2008, but I was using their dsSearchAgent (Mapping IDX) well before they launched dsIDXpress (WordPress IDX). Their Mapping IDX was truly innovative, enabling DIY agent/broker/webmasters to embed a world-class search tool as attractive and intuitive as any custom option available at the time. Then they released their revolutionary WordPress IDX plugin, democratizing indexable IDX … Read More »

The Smart Squeeze Strategy of Zillow’s Premier Agent Summits

by Sam DeBord on 5:00 am February 29, 2016

Zillow Premier Agent Summit

I went to Zillow’s Premier Agent Summit in Seattle this week. It was a focused and well-run event, one that smartly ties in with the company’s current strategy of developing uber-Zillow-agents as its core following and revenue stream. I’ll get back to that in a second, but I know that a few of you are shaking your heads in disbelief after that first paragraph. I have a reputation in certain circles as being “anti-Zillow”. I’m unapologetically quick to criticize the company when they don’t play … Read More »

What Would Happen If the Industry Yanked All Their Listings?

by Drew Meyers on 4:08 pm July 25, 2015

There are some proponents for the entire industry ceasing syndication entirely (specifically to Zillow). The thinking is generally “with no listings, Zillow would become irrelevant and lose all their traffic, all that traffic would frequent agent/broker websites, and the result would be cheaper leads/clients”. So, what would happen if the industry as a whole stopped syndicating listings? In short, absolutely nothing when it comes to the cost to acquire/reach buyer and seller leads/clients. If buyers went to Zillow, and realized not all listings were represented – they would turn … Read More »

Zillow, DotLoop, and Your Data: Does It Matter?

by Sam DeBord on 9:47 am July 23, 2015

Zillow is acquiring DotLoop. Fires are burning in real estate social media. Let’s get this out of the way. There are tons of brokers and agents who dislike Zillow. Call them what you want. They’re here. I’m a regular critic of the company when they (regularly) make moves that don’t seem in the best interests of brokers, agents, or their clients. I was also a big user of Zillow in the early years, contributing to thousands of posts, discussions, photos, etc. There are plenty of really good … Read More »

Zillow Zestimate and Mr Humphries Go To Washington

by Sam DeBord on 11:49 am March 7, 2015

Stan Humphries Zillow government data

Zillow’s data aggregation prowess has pushed its chief economist into a new position as a member of the federal government’s open data advisory council. Stan Humphries will take a position as an advisor on the Department of Commerce’s panel intended to help government make better decisions based on open data. The move will undoubtedly generate criticism, so let’s get that out of the way.  Zillow’s research projects are vast, but the zestimate is still the most iconic piece of data–and it’s notoriously inaccurate. That ironic coupling … Read More »

MRIS In Talks With Zillow on Direct Listing Feed

by Michael Price on 11:25 am January 27, 2015

Zillow is in negotiations with MRIS to establish a direct data feed of broker listings ahead of the looming cancellation of Zillow’s ListHub syndication contract. “It is the sole prerogative of the Listing Broker to decide where their inventory appears,” said Jon Coile, MRIS Chairman of the Board.  “Our role at MRIS is simply to provide a secure and reliable pipeline.” Through this partnership, MRIS brokers would be able to have their listings sent directly to Zillow, so that their current listings on and Zillow’s portfolio … Read More »

Placester, and $10 Websites

by Drew Meyers on 5:12 pm November 4, 2014

Placester took a shot at Zillow by slashing their agent website prices [Via Realuoso]. From their CEO Matt Barba… If having a great website is a given, then affording a great website should be too. We strongly believe this is what it should cost to build and run a quality real estate website. I know what it takes to build and run a quality website (having worked at Virtual Results from 2010-2011) — and it’s a heck of a lot more than $10/month. Anyone charging … Read More »

RE Tech. Zillow & Move Get Hot, Everything Glows.

by Michael Price on 2:42 pm October 28, 2014

re tech investing getting hot

Crunchbase posted an article today covering the hot investing activity surrounding RE tech. One of the quotes in the post could probably be found in just about every story that has been written on the subject since 1998 or so. “Real estate is a super attractive industry to be building tech in,” says RRE Ventures‘ Steve Schlafman, “it drives a huge part of the economy, and it’s generally antiquated.” It would be good for a chuckle, but it’s “generally” true. To be fair, there have been some … Read More »

A Few Friday Links –, Zillow, NYC…and Weather

by Drew Meyers on 2:36 pm December 13, 2013 shut down AgentMatch – There was literal outrage from the industry when it launched about a month ago. More on the shutdown here. Regardless of what agents think, I think some iteration of this will exist at some point in the future. Whether it’s Zillow, Trulia, or some yet-to-exist (or known) startup that figures it out and plows through the criticism, is unclear. Manhattan is hot. You know Zillow purchased StreetEasy & Buyfolio. In more recent developments, Century21 just announced they are entering the city & Corcoran is … Read More »

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