I was engaged in a recent chat thread on a private Facebook group regarding the maximization of pay for clicks via Google AdWords to generate leads. I guess I took it for granted that if you pay thousands of dollars on ad words, then you would want to maximize lead generation. As it turns out, many in our industry are not doing this. They are simply wasting money or, better yet, de-maximizing their investment.

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating your lead capture. Does your ad copy on ad words match what the person “immediately” sees when they click and the page opens?  For example, if the ad copy teases the consumer with ad stating  “click here for local foreclosure deals” (which is always tantalizing for those looking for a good deal), does it take the consumer to an actual list of foreclosures or simply to their homepage or worse, their “ego page” telling everyone about them or their brokerage. Surprisingly, this happens with many brokerages.

My company, Steinborn & Associates Real Estate in Las Cruces, NM, has solved this issue by adding BoomTown to our tool box. BoomTown has created a boom in our lead conversion rates. We converted from Market Leader to BoomTown last year and have been quite favorably impressed with our lead conversion rates. National studies state that if you can convert 3% of your website traffic into leads then you are doing a fairly decent job. We’re doing quite a bit better.

Taking my company’s most recent 2,000 leads via our BoomTown managed lead generating site, here are the results

  • Of the 2,000 leads, 60%  were harvested via Google Adwords and Craigslist.
  • Visitors to the Actual Form Registration Opening Up:   72% on Craigslist / 44% on Google AdWords.
  • Form Registration Opening and being Filled Out to Actual Leads: 15% Craigslist / 11% Google AdWords.
  • Total Visits to Actual Leads Ratio:  11% Craiglist / 10% Google AdWords.

BoomTown does what so many ad word consultants do not do, they monitor and increase your return on investment, at least for me they have. They are pushing the needle forward in our industry and you should take a look at their offerings!