I’m thrilled to announce Geek Estate Blog has undergone a long overdue design facelift. It marks what I’ll call “Geek Estate 3.0.”


The number of days I’ve been waiting for today. Yes, that’s 5 years.

There have been a couple iterations of Geek Estate Blog since its 2007 launch. We did a small design update in 2008 or 2009 with a revised header. Then in 2011, we launched a total redesign that was done by Virtual Results (while I worked for them). Over the past 7 years, the blog has slowly and surely become more cluttered. That happened as a result of me bolting on ads, events, press releases, and a “Pro” version that includes forums (which I ended up abandoning a year or so later).

I’m giddy with excitement with today’s news. Why?

I won’t have to look at a dated and cluttered blog for yet another day. You see, no one spends as much time staring at a blog as its founder. I have literally spends hundreds of hours writing content over 11 years, editing, saving, clicking preview, and seeing that same crummy website show up time and time again (with different words). Then finally clicking “Publish”, only to see that same ugly design.

No longer; Geek Estate Blog has finally been brought up to 2018 standards.

So, while you may be happy to see the updated look, know no one is happier and more excited than me.

What’s new?

  • Modern design aesthetics. An utter and total facelift from a design perspective.
  • Less clutter. There’s no more sidebar!
  • Mobile optimized. Mobile has been a “thing” for a decade, and yet the blog looked horrible on mobile…until today.
  • A larger emphasis on email subscriptions. People don’t browse/visit blogs the way they used to, and we’re in a world where people get notified of new content they care about via email. But yes, you can still read via RSS.
  • How can We Help” module. For the last 10 years, I’ve been connecting agents, brokers, and entrepreneurs with trusted vendors, consultants, products, and services throughout the industry. To date, that’s been a very manual process that only happens 1 on 1. The new module is aimed at helping professionals more efficiently find the help they need.
  • A much larger emphasis on the Geek Estate Mastermind, a paid membership, private community that operates without the sales pitches and noise you’ll find in every free community. Members pay a $97 quarterly membership fee. If you’re interested in learning more, look here. The Mastermind is largely what funds the existence of the blog.
  • Category/landing pages for Entrepreneurs and Tech, Agents and Brokers, and Built World. Those are the three primary “audiences” this blog serves, so I wanted to give them more attention.

I’m once again proud to show Geek Estate Blog to anyone and everyone. Expect to see writing here increase as a result. Just as most people are more motivated if they are working in a nice office, I’m more motivated to publish my writing in a “fancy virtual office” that I’m not embarrassed for visitors to see.

The purpose of both the blog and the Mastermind is to bring together the industry’s most forward thinking, diverse, and innovative thinkers so they can spend more time building great companies, and less time navigating the industry. I hear over and over from people that they love Geek Estate Blog because we don’t cover every single thing that gets sent our way. It’s no secret I delete most of the pitches I get sent because I’m not a reporter, and have no desire to be one.

With Geek Estate (Blog) 3.0, the blog is back to basics. Great content, and nothing else. All signal, no noise.

Lastly, thanks so much to the team at Caffeine Interactive for the help implementing my Geek Estate 3.0 vision; you’ve helped spare me another 1,825 days staring at a cluttered website. If anyone reading is looking for custom websites or apps, I highly recommend Caffeine.