Good news for 4 people – I’m offering an online marketing consultation for agents or brokers for $5 to the first 4 people to pay.

Here’s the background as to why. I’m currently at Startup Weekend in Amsterdam working with a team building a platform that enables you to learn anything, anywhere from anyone. For 5 Euro $5. Via Google Hangouts.

Some of you may have already used Fiverr, which is a website that allows you to do anything for anyone for $5. Or, on the other side of that equation, you can pay $5 for the service someone has offered. We want to extend that concept to learning and interacting with individuals with knowledge to share. There are many experts in very niche fields, it’s a matter of matching those experts with those looking to learn those niche skillsets. The platform could be used for interactive discussions on a wide variety of subjects such as the following:

  1. Learning what kite boarding is like in Cape Town from an Australian expat
  2. Insight into the startup scene in Barcelona from a local VC
  3. Tips to living in Santorini for a summer from the 20 something crowd who has done it (me)

We’re not all busy validating our team’s business model. As I mentioned, I am offering an online marketing consultation for $5 on Fiverr as a test. It will be a 20 minute Google Hangout scheduled within 3 days of purchase.

Topics that I am willing to cover with you:

  • Online marketing strategies to incorporate into your marketing plan
  • Analyze your current website and give you conversion tips
  • Search engine optimization / link building
  • What it is like to work at Zillow
  • Travel experiences from Santorini, Kenya, or anywhere else I’ve been
  • Anything else you want to ask me

Remember that I’m only going to deliver 4 of these at the $5 price point, then I will shut off the gig on Fiverr. $5 for a 20 minute marketing consultation? Sounds like a no brainer for the first 4 people 🙂

Update: The Google hangout platform will support up to 10 people per session, so I won’t shut off the Gig yet. I’ll schedule a few 20 minute slots in the next few days with up to 5 people per session (10 is way too many for a 20 minute session) – just know that you won’t be the only person in the session able to answer questions.

Update 2: The offer on Fiverr has been suspended and I will be scheduling 2-3 times in the next few days for those who ordered.