Google is arguably the best search engine on the web with everything from Google+ to Google AdWords. Over the last several years the company has landed in the top of the Fortune list of the top 100 employers, offering employees everything from nap areas to childcare. From its humble beginnings until now, this beloved company that started back in 1996 has changed the way we utilize the internet and market our businesses.

From search engine optimization to rich snippets, Google has yet again set the bar high for its competitors!

But what, exactly, does all of this information have to do with real estate businesses? Supposedly, Google is working with both Service Magic and Zillow to improve the rich snippets for real estate companies. These new snippets are highly detailed and provide a user-friendly listing of properties for sale. And since we all know that Google strives for user-friendliness, it would not be shocking if this new rich snippet becomes “the norm” in the real estate industry in the very near future.

Although this may seem like a rather minor change, it is great for real estate companies wishing to highlight their best properties. Within seconds, customers can identify at least 3 properties that your company has for sale in a given city from the search results! The rich snippet includes the number of photographs, the address, and of course the list price.

This new data is also exceptional from the real estate business perspective as your rich snippet can instantly attract potential buyers to your website within a matter of seconds. This is definitely a great move on Google’s part that is mutually beneficial—both for the companies and the potential homebuyers.

In the end, props to Google for piloting these new real estate friendly snippets! Now we will all play the waiting game until we can all take advantage of this updated feature.