What the heck is a RainCamp™? Isn’t it really a TechCamp?  Is RainCamp™ anything like REBarCamp?  Maybe you heard this is an event for ActiveRain only?  What makes RainCamp™ different, and why would you want to attend?  Do I have to pay a fee to attend a RainCamp™?  What’s the true value and benefit of going to RainCamp?

Hopefully, this will help explain and answer some of these questions:

“Real Estate RainCamp is a full day Conference/Seminar that is packed with valuable content, presentations, and some of the most useful and applicable ideas, tools, and processes that you can implement immediately into your Social Media, Networking, Blogging Strategy, and Business Plan.  RainCamp™ was created and developed for anyone in the Real Estate Industry looking for successful methods and tools to maximize and grow their online business in today’s Modern Day Real Estate Market.”

The event focuses on numerous areas that are of great importance to any business in this market.

  • How do you stack up in the modern Real Estate Market
  • Target consumers MUCH closer to buying than average Internet leads
  • “Ten Days of Pain” lead conversion method – converting Internet leads
  • Discover what works and doesn’t work using Social Media
  • Listen to pros utilizing what they preach and have outstanding success
  • Discover 40+ tech tools that can be integrated into your business
  • Understand what it means to be the “Online Mayor of your Community”
  • Learn to use Hyper-Local Blogging to get on the first page of GOOGLE

This gives you an idea of the topics, technology, discussions, and tools that are getting shared at RainCamp™.  Many have said that the value and benefit of attending far out-weigh the price of admission.  The pricing is structured so that nearly anyone and everyone can attend.  There are different levels of pricing, but they all get you in.  There’s even donation based tickets available.

This is not an advertisement or promotion, It’s to let folks know what these events are all about, I get so many questions like the ones above.  They are very high tech and high touch, that’s the other reason I wanted to share this on GEB for the geeks.  Hopefully this helps outline some of the event and details.   There’s more info at RainCamp.com.

Kudos should also go out to Zillow, they’re a Platinum Sponsor and have helped make these events possible for the Real Estate Industry.  Thanks you guys, you ROCK!!

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