1980 called, they want their Real Estate Agent Brand Back!

Remember when, in Real Estate, the Agents used to Brand Themselves? “#1 Real Estate Agent in Anytown USA!” or “Joe Blow, Your #1 Lister for Brand X” etc.

Things have changed and the biggest mistake made these days is the failure to properly establish an Internet brand.

In my experience these are 3 most important factors in establishing an effective brand:

  1. Geography – County, City, Town, but MOST IMPORTANTLY … Neighborhood (Think Hyper – Local)
  2. Industry – Real Estate, Realty, Realtor, Agent, Home, House, ect …
  3. Specialty – First Time Buyers, Short Sale Specialist, Foreclosures, Investments, ect …

With this in mind, the NEW Branding, has followed suit. Examples:

  1. Michigan Park Homes For Sale
  2. Virginia Hills County Club Real Estate
  3. Uptown Springvally Houses
  4. Short Sales in Friendly Hills

Think about it … Does a potential Buyer in another city or State type into Google “Fred Smith Realtor in Friendly Hills?” No, they don’t even know Fred! What they do type in is “Homes for sale in Friendly Hills”, Friendly Hills Real Estate” etc.

When you do “Brand” Yourself, ask yourself these questions …

  1. Do you have a Farm? If no, do you have a wish list of a Farm? (Geography)
  2. Do you work with more Buyers or Sellers? (Buyers prefer House, Sellers prefer Home … as an example) (Industry)
  3. Do you have a “Specialty”? ex: Short Sales, Foreclosures, Investments, 1st Time Buyers … ect (Specialty)
  4. Will I be able to hold myself up as the “Area Specialist” to this Community?
  5. How Much Time do you have, in a week, to devote to creating a great On-Line Presence?

After you answer these questions, you can create a Brand that will work. For the sake of this Blog Series, I will create the Brand … “Beachwood Canyon Hollywood Homes” … The most “Exclusive” area in Hollywood Ca, according to TakeSunset.com 

Next Week – Step 2 – Branded Contact Information, Specifically for The Internet

Keep in mind, that you must, do these in order! So make sure you have your Brand ready to go when we get together next! You’ll understand after a while. Don’t try it the other way, because you will “Muck it Up”!

See ya next week … The Coach