I’ve noticed an interesting trend developing; agents are adding MLS Widgets to their Facebook page. Some of the Apps being developed for Facebook are complete websites onto themselves that using clever scripting to shoehorn themselves into the Facebook Platform. Others offer sophisticated lead capture capabilities. One thing is for certain, IDX Vendors are beginning to provide Agents with a way to tap into Facebook’s 500 Million+ user base and providing home buyers with new tools to find homes inside their favorite Social Media platform.

In this article, I list 5 of the Top Apps currently available for adding MLS Search into your Facebook page.

The MLS App – The MLS App has been around for a while now. Jimmy Mackin has produced a beautiful appliance that allows  Agents to add a sleek looking MLS Search to their Facebook Page. [update: this is no longer available]

RECake – This company does not provide an installable App through Facebook, but does provide a custom IDX service for adding MLS Search to Facebook, as well as a mobile search app. [update: this is no longer available]

IDXPro – An IDX MLS Search Widget that’s meant to be embedded into any website. They offer an App that Agents can instantly install into their Facebook Page. Sophisticated lead capture and Google Map Search, over 400 MLS Boards. [update: this is no longer available]

IDX-Buzz – The only solution that I’ve seen that supports multiple languages. IDX Buzz is available in 13 different languages. Users can also share listings on Facebook. [update: this is no longer available]

AgentIgnite – Not really a widget, but more of a Real Estate website that embeds within the Facebook platform. I just heard about them the other day from Tech Savvy Agent. Offers sophisticated lead capture capabilities and can function as it’s own stand-alone website. [update: this is no longer available]

If I neglected to mention anyone else who has a Facebook App for MLS Search, please feel free to add your own contributions.