Topical hubs aren’t exactly new but, they’re still a very interesting topic with an expanding knowledge base. Starting to use them with your real estate blog might be exactly what you needed to give you that extra boost.

What is a topical Hub?

Topical hubs are the relationships two ‘entities’ have with each other.

A real estate example would be: The relationship between a specific neighborhood and it’s city.

Understanding these types of relationships can potentially help your real estate seo in picking up long-tail keywords and increase your rankings for certain search terms.

It’s pretty common between all the top experts in SEO that the relationship between these entities actually seem to increase your on-page SEO factors. They aren’t as strong as some other ranking algorithm factors but, still have some ‘juice’ in them.

How to start understanding them

You can start with a basic Google search and see what Google itself relates to the terms that you’re searching for.

realtor seo

Google already knows related search terms, so it makes sense. Why wouldn’t they put this into their ranking algorithm when deciding what makes quality content.

Then keep these in mind while you’re writing. To really understand what makes these so important  you have to put yourself in Googles shoes first.

Google wants to deliver the best results to its users.

When you have a natural topical hub on your content page, it’s basically telling Google a story where your single targeted keyword is just a chapter.

It’s explaining to Google that you’ve covered the full story and here’s all the topics included in the post to prove it.

What would a great topical hub look like for a real estate blog post?

Let’s say for instance you want to cover a topic in your community such as:

“Orange County Dog Beaches”

From the related terms:


I can see that the next search Google relates to is “Orange county dog parks” – Indicator that the post should cover dog parks as well, not just dog beaches.

It also shows that people aren’t just looking for specific dog parks, but also parks that are dog friendly.

Next, I’ll use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and see what other related keywords it finds:


I can immediately see that there is a lot more to cover here and start to visualize what type of post Google might be looking for.

A post about dog park might be ok but, a post that covers all these topics would be suit what Google is looking for better. Not only will it help me rank for long-tail keywords (which most of you already know) but, now will also help my on page SEO ranking factors.


SEO is always constantly changing and while things like high quality real estate backlinks will always have a big impact on your rankings, there are now a lot of other factors coming into play as Google gets more and more advanced. If you can use these early on before other people start using them, you can give yourself a competitive advantage.

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