You might recall NAR’s failed AgentMatch program, where they were going to match consumers with Realtors. It was probably the most hated thing NAR came out with in many years, so it was good they killed it off fast.

I see the potential for the .REALTOR domain name free profile website to have some of the same issues as AgentMatch.

Having a .REALTOR domain name is a great idea, but their free Website that automatically shows all your listings and closed transactions, along with their complete system for displaying client recommendations, might have some interesting results.

NAR is expecting at least 500,000 agents to sign up for the .REALTOR domain, as they are giving the first 500,000 signups a free year. They are also providing a free Website to go with it, and I imagine many will take advantage of this free website.

As a consumer, I would like to a search only the .REALTOR domain names for an agent in my area to see how Google ranks them.

Most likely, the ones with the most closed sales, the most reviews, and that have been around the longest will come up on page 1.

One big complaint with AgentMatch is it favors more experienced agents and creates a problem for new agents. After all, who wants to match up to an agent with very little or no previous sales experience.

I see the potential for the .REALTOR domain to create the same issue, assuming many agents end up using the free Website that comes with it.

It will be incredibly easy to compare past sales, current listings, and reviews for each agent, and Google will bring the best ones in your area to page 1 of their results.