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More on MLS Networks

by Drew Meyers on 10:30 am February 2, 2017

Public MLS Statistics

I wanted to continue the discussion/dialogue about MLS networks… First, this weekend I listened to the Listing Bits Podcast episode with Michael Wurzer which touches on the staying power of the MLS. Greg Robertson and Michael both have years of MLS technology, and discuss the future of the industry (among other things). Second, Michael wrote a response to my last MLS post titled Creating MLS Networks. I definitely agree with Drew that cooperation exists independent of any particular technology, but Drew goes on to presume that … Read More »

A Reply: MLS Cooperation Creates Value for All Brokers, Not Just One

by Drew Meyers on 3:57 pm January 30, 2017

Public MLS Statistics

The future of MLS’ has been a hot topic recently, and was discussed at Inman Connect. Michael Wurzer from FlexMLS (a MLS software vendor) wrote a response titled “MLS Cooperation Creates Value for All Brokers, Not Just One” to Rob and I (and others). I’ll repost it here for your reading pleasure, and offer a few thoughts afterward. I attended the Inman Connect Conference in New York City last week, where there was yet another panel posing the so-tired question, “Is the MLS Doomed?” I’m not going to … Read More »

Homesnap + Broker Public Portal: The Unofficial Why and How (and the case for more PR)

by Sam DeBord on 11:04 am January 23, 2017

Homesnap and Broker Public Portal

I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about the direction and makeup of the Broker Public Portal and its relationship with Homesnap. I have no direct influence or investment in either group, but plenty of interest. Let’s clear the table first—some of these questions come from a great post/discussion earlier here on GeekEstate, others I’ve heard out in the field. Unofficial answers about the Broker Public Portal and Homesnap (caveat emptor): Why? Brokers want a national search experience for consumers in which the brokers control … Read More »

Homesnap + Broker Public Portal

by Drew Meyers on 2:54 pm January 20, 2017

I saw the news that Homesnap and Broker Public Portal formed an equally owned joint venture. (click here for prior writing on Broker Public Portal) A few things… First, I’m still unclear EXACTLY what the goal of Broker Public Portal is? Second, is the new joint venture a FOR PROFIT initiative? Third, I ask again — why exactly will a consumer care about BPP/Homesnap? Fourth, consider the following: “ and a number of other MLSs have been able to capture a reasonable share of voice in online consumer … Read More »

Bright MLS, and a new Era of MLS

by Drew Meyers on 1:00 pm January 12, 2017

Bright MLS launched their new website… Greg’s right, it’s audacious. I like it. There’s no sense batting for a single when a home run is possible. There’s one section I question in their Our Story section: We want to empower everyone to get more out of the MLS. We want brokers to access better business and recruiting insights. We want agents and appraisers to have first access to more data. And we want to give them better tools for doing so. We want consumers to … Read More »

A Twitter for Following Agents and Regions?

by Drew Meyers on 12:52 pm February 12, 2016

Why isn’t there a way to follow all the listing activity (new listings, price changes, pendings, solds) for regions and agents I care about with a native app? Email listing alerts, with a Twitter-like interface (follow agents, brokers, franchises, ZIP codes, neighborhoods, cities). For consumers, it’s a more efficient way to manage the listings alerts they care about. For agents, it’s a way to follow their competition. This is more or less the exact same product that’s needed for the pocket listings opportunity I wrote about quite awhile ago. … Read More »

Cloud MLX (via a Hack Week)

by Drew Meyers on 7:00 am February 6, 2016

W&R Studios team worked on a MLS search app, called Cloud MLX, at a recent “hack week”… the presentation is below. Read more about the hack week project in part 1 here and part 2 here.

The MLS Mobile Software Landscape in 2015

by Drew Meyers on 6:00 pm September 29, 2015

It’s been awhile since we’ve touched on MLS mobile software (I think 2012?) on Geek Estate. It’s no secret most MLS software has been stuck in the stone age (aka 1990’s). Of course, in the 1990’s, mobile didn’t exist — and I haven’t seen much evidence vendors have caught up with the times. So, has any technology vendor truly nailed a mobile offering? You tell me. A few questions for you tech savvy professionals who are on the ground day in, day out: What geographic market are you in, and who … Read More »

A Few Thoughts on Upstream

by Drew Meyers on 9:47 am August 21, 2015

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t written anything about Project Upstream yet (though Bryn has). Rob has written about the topic numerous times recently (see here and here) which got me thinking about broker listing data, and the future of the MLS. I actually mostly agree with Rob’s vision and thinking of a modular system where brokers control their listing data, and can easily grant access (or revoke it) to any vendor/partner. That said, I’m not sure the path to get there, since the only way that world exists if … Read More »

Upstream & The National Broker Public Portal: Unearthing, Creating Super-MLS Data Layers

by Sam DeBord on 7:27 pm March 2, 2015

Upstream, Broker Portal, and MLS Data

Project Upstream aims to become the defender and gatekeeper of brokers’ real estate listings nationwide.  The National Broker Public Portal intends to provide a nationwide display of data that puts brokers at the controls.  The former is not intended to exclusively fuel the latter (though it seems like a match made in heaven–more on that later). Upstream is not an MLS and will not replace the MLS’s co-broker, commission, and professional standards roles.  Its creators do not intend for it to be public-facing on its own.  It’s … Read More »

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