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Kelle, AI, and Keller Williams as a Technology Company

by Drew Meyers on 10:48 am February 25, 2018

Keller Williams announced an (AI) virtual assistant called Kelle last week, saying (among other things) “Through AI’s ever-increasing computing abilities, agents are able to access data like never before and gain even more insights. This allows them to better serve their clients, something pivotal to ensuring the real estate profession prevails against industry disruptors.“ Here’s the Kelle promo video: I still have concerns none of these AI powered assistants being launched lead to a better consumer/buyer experience than they currently get by speaking to a real … Read More »

KW + Google

by Drew Meyers on 10:10 am November 12, 2013

Keller Williams continues the technology announcements…partnering with Google to move 93,000 agents to Google’s Cloud. The biggest real estate deployment Google has ever done. Are any other franchises keeping pace on the technology side?

A Completely Absurd Idea for Real Estate Franchises

by Drew Meyers on 11:16 pm October 21, 2013

Real estate franchises should get into the travel concierge business. Sounds crazy, right? I’m off my rocker (again), right? I know, I know — real estate and travel? How is it that it makes sense for a franchise to get into an industry they know nothing about? Before you totally discount the idea, hear me out… What’s needed to deliver an amazing travel concierge experience? Extremely, extremely knowledgable residents who can help travelers in real time. What do real estate franchises have a surplus of? Agents … Read More »

Keller Williams Re-Brand

by Drew Meyers on 8:22 am

Keller Williams has re-branded… A brand that stands behind our agents, not in front of them. I like the clean look of their new branding. KW is certainly doing something, including their recent app platform for agents. That said, branding isn’t pretty logos. It’s the values and actions behind them — go to war values. Of all the large franchises, they seem to be doing the best job at appealing to the next generation of agents, whether their long term strategy works remains to be seen. I don’t … Read More »

Keller Williams Launches 88,000 Agent Apps

by Drew Meyers on 8:39 am August 10, 2013

Keller Williams launched a mobile search app this week, essentially creating 88,000 branded agent apps (each agent has a unique download code). Props to them for tackling mobile — but I’m not sure if this is enough. Distribution is the problem when it comes to apps, not the technology. Thinking out loud…why would a buyer use an app from their KW agent when they already likely have the Zillow, Trulia,, or Redfin app installed?

Video And Website Strategies At Keller Williams National Convention

by Drew Meyers on 12:25 pm September 30, 2011

Here’s a 15 minute video on the topic of real estate video and website strategies from the Keller Williams National Convention. The panel discussion included Carey Sylvester, Kenn Renner, Ben Kinney, and Sue Adler. Kenn, Ben, and Sue are all driving significant business from their web efforts, so certainly a panel worth learning from. [Disclosure: Sue Adler is a client of Virtual Results]

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