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Stop Touching Me, Zillow

by Ben Kubic on 8:49 am March 3, 2016

As the head of a real estate brokerage, at some point I got onto some Zillow Account Manager’s distribution list. While I gloss over most of the pitch email I receive, today’s made me stop what I was doing and write this post. Here’s the email I got: Besides the obvious copy-and-paste job (If you’re going to use a ridiculously large font, at least make the whole email the same size. And check your spelling/grammar. This is just lazy.),  did you notice the line where Zillow … Read More »

Three Paths to Real Estate Failure

by Geordie Romer on 5:36 am January 12, 2012

I was impressed and inspired by watching this video of Ben Kinney speak about lead generation and creating sales. Paraphrasing Ben, he says that if you aren’t successful as a real estate agent .. You – Aren’t Saying the Right Things … or You Aren’t Saying Them Enough … or You Don’t Have Enough People to Say Them To I was really struck by the simplicity of this idea and agree that if you are talking about lead generation or creating sales from buyers, it … Read More »

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