As the head of a real estate brokerage, at some point I got onto some Zillow Account Manager’s distribution list. While I gloss over most of the pitch email I receive, today’s made me stop what I was doing and write this post. Here’s the email I got:


This is an actual email I just received

Besides the obvious copy-and-paste job (If you’re going to use a ridiculously large font, at least make the whole email the same size. And check your spelling/grammar. This is just lazy.),  did you notice the line where Zillow promises to “touch” a potential lead 15 times in 5 days?

I think collection agencies are less persistent than this. If any group tried to contact me 3 times a day for a whole work week, I would ask to talk to the CEO and personally tell him off. I would certainly never, in a million years, consider hiring that group.

I don’t know whether I’m more horrified as a potential customer who might have to endure that onslaught or as a real estate agency that might have someone badgering potential customers on my behalf.