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A Broker Example Using StreetAdvisor

by Drew Meyers on 1:46 pm September 12, 2016

Everyone wants to see an example of someone using your product/service in a way they should be using it. StreetAdvisor is no different. The value proposition for sellers is clear, and the agent/broker value proposition is the ability engage with buyers and sellers who have self identified by asking questions (same core reason many contribute to Zillow Advice and Trulia Voices), breadcrumbs (SEO), and reaching a new audience specifically researching neighborhoods and cities you serve. Who gets the agent/broker value proposition? Eric Bramlett in Austin. I’ve known Eric … Read More »

Comment Marketing with Local Advice

by Drew Meyers on 9:00 am August 23, 2016

Great agents have deep, deep local expertise — and an incentive to share it. Hence why I’ve long thought there is a play to be made around showcasing local experts. Zillow Advice and Trulia Voices and Localism (check this press release from 2008) used to be the rage when it came to comment marketing with local advice. I don’t hear much about local advice comment marketing much anymore, though I’m sure there are some people who still have success leaving local advice breadcrumbs across the internet … Read More »

Local Q&A, in a Branded Native App

by Drew Meyers on 1:49 pm May 15, 2016

I wrote about the possibility of putting “Zillow Advice into a mobile app” in 2013. That was before I ever started consulting for StreetAdvisor, whose business model is to white label their local reviews + question & answer offering to brokerages/franchises (or corporations). Especially for the brokers and franchises reading, would you find value in a standalone branded app to allow buyers/sellers/home owners to ask questions to your agents — with the goal of establishing your agents as the true local experts? Of course, the critical … Read More »

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