Everyone wants to see an example of someone using your product/service in a way they should be using it.

StreetAdvisor is no different.

The value proposition for sellers is clear, and the agent/broker value proposition is the ability engage with buyers and sellers who have self identified by asking questions (same core reason many contribute to Zillow Advice and Trulia Voices), breadcrumbs (SEO), and reaching a new audience specifically researching neighborhoods and cities you serve.

Who gets the agent/broker value proposition?

Eric Bramlett in Austin.

I’ve known Eric for quite awhile, and he’s as good as they come when it comes to online marketing, content creation, and SEO. Some of you may know him from his contributions here several years ago (author profile here), or were clients of his while he ran Displet. I actually stayed at his house in 2010 during my first trip to Austin for SxSW — essentially a pre Horizon stay within the Geek Estate community (see here for an example of a post Horizon stay).

I thought I’d highlight him as an example of a broker using StreetAdvisor to reach buyers moving to Austin, Texas. His review of Allandale can be found here, and Hyde Park is here.


Eric’s profile can be seen here, where you can see some of the questions he’s answered:


There are a number of places you can leave local advice linking back to your own website (see here for recent post). Are you leaving breadcrumbs for buyers to find? Why or why not?

[Disclosure: StreetAdvisor is a consulting client of mine]