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Tag Archives: long tail keyword

How To Increase Traffic to Your Website…Google Instantly!

by Justin Britt on 6:14 pm October 7, 2010

Will Google Instant Change The Longtail As We Know It? Recently, I was on Maui (I know…I live a tough life) helping top Wailea real estate agent, Dano Sayles, get up to speed with Hawaii Life’s back end tools. While I was there, I had the pleasure of meeting Dano’s web developer, Brad Carroll, CEO of Dakno Marketing. After a long day of  work—then drinks and sushi at some of South Maui’s local hot spots—Brad and I retired to our townhouse at Hoolei. We stayed … Read More »

Start Asking Questions (Long-Tail Keyword Optimization)

by Justin Bartlett on 1:44 am August 3, 2010

Long-tail optimization is the process by which webmasters look for easy to rank for keywords that will send traffic. Usually “long-tail” keywords are multiple words that a googler may search for that have relatively little to no competition from other websites.  A good example of a long tail keyword might be “zillow mortgage marketplace help” or something of that nature. The idea behind long tail optimization is very simple – if you’ve got a relatively high ranking website, simply writing a new post or new … Read More »

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