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Tag Archives: real estate video

The Growing Power and Popularity Of Real Estate Videos

by Seth Williams on 8:57 am March 25, 2014

Most of us can recognize the power of a good video when it comes to marketing real estate. Videos are seriously influential communication tool that can help us convey the value in a property – and when we’re talking about the difference between selling a property now vs. later, or selling for $20K more vs. $20K less – why isn’t everyone using videos to promote their property listings? I can’t speak for the masses, but I’m willing to bet that a lot of real estate … Read More »

The Best Agent Video I Have Ever Seen

by Daniel Beer on 6:26 pm July 8, 2012

Over the last three months or so I have had the privilege of getting to know a sharp Manhattan Beach Real Estate agent named Greg Geilman. Interestingly, we met half way across the country, where he showed me the amazing things he has done with video.  Within a few moments I knew I was dealing with a true professional that is going to make a dent in his local market for years to come. Greg taught me the power of video.  Take a look at his agent … Read More »

Great Example of a Marketing Video for 92 Sandhill Road

by Drew Meyers on 5:27 pm August 28, 2011

I agree with Marlow — this is a great example of a real estate marketing video (for 92 Sandhill Road). Are you creating videos for your listings? If so, how do they compare to this? How much are you spending on video?

Will You Be Using Video In 2011?

by James Shiner on 12:16 pm January 13, 2011

I was having a discussion today (via comments on a Facebook status) regarding using video in your marketing in 2011, and the topic of “bad” videos came up. Now this isn’t a new concern by any means. Many people avoid using video in fear that having a poorly lit or shaky video will actually hurt their marketing efforts. To this I always say: “What about awful listing photos? Those are posted far too often, but photos are necessary to sell a home.” Now, whether or not … Read More »

10 Tips I Learned From My First Listing Video Shoot

by Joshua Ferris on 12:44 am November 19, 2009

Ah, video. It’s the sexiest new trend in real estate presentation and is, by far, one of the most difficult skills to build up while juggling every other task an agent has resting on their shoulders. Although there will definitely be a learning curve when you start doing video I can assure you the payoff will be more than worth it. To help save you a ton of time and frustration I’ve outlined ten tips I learned on the path to my first real estate … Read More »

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