The Problem With Facebook Fan Pages

What are the three biggest problems with Facebook Fan Pages? Getting first time visitors, repeat visitors, and exciting visitors so they share your page with their friends. There is only one way to solve these problems and to elevate your Fan Page to a new level, and it won’t be easy. The answer lies in your content strategy.

Much like a blog, if you never update the Fan Page, and only feed it with mediocre content, then it will only reflect that mediocrity and fail. Creating a content strategy and implementing the content strategy are not easy tasks, but they will reward you with an increase in reputation, business, and website traffic.

You Need a Content Strategy!

Are you ready to take the jump? Good, glad to hear. When you think of content, think of video, text, images, and audio. The most successful Fan Pages consistently post new and unique material, and so can you. By the way, we are not talking about posting your listings to the Fan Page, which is not a bad idea, but should not be anywhere near the majority of your Fan Page’s content.

11 Strategies

Without further ado, here are 11 ideas that will give visitors what they want (your unique insight), persuade them to come back often, and excite them enough to share your Fan Page with their friends.

  • 1. 365 Things to See in (your city/metro/state) Before You Die
  • 2. 365 Reasons You Should Move to …
  • 3. 365 Breathtaking Pictures of …
    • Take a picture of yourself in front of some landmark
    • Invite viewers to submit their own pictures
  • 4. 52 Trails to Hike/Bike in … (Invite viewers to suggest trails)
  • 5. 365 Day Video Tour of Neighborhoods in …
    • Post a new video or local neighborhoods each day
    • Highlight and drive through the neighborhood
    • Keep them short, 30-90 seconds
    • Could also be “52 Days” or “180 Days”
  • 6. 52 Hole in the Wall Cafes
    • Could also be bars or specific types of restaurants (Italian, sushi, organic)
    • Could also be newly opened businesses
  • 7. This Weekend Only!
    • Highlight a time limited event each week
    • Post in the “event” section as well
    • Promote neighborhood or community specific events (garage sales)
  • 8. One Deal a Week for 52 Weeks to The Best Places in …
  • 9. Daily poll or survey
    • Good questions are key!
    • Make it easy to share (see’s Poll app)
  • 10. Q&A
    • Answer 5 questions each week related to your area and/or real estate
    • Invite users to submit their own questions
    • To get things started, find questions on Yahoo Answers, Trulia, or Zillow, then post the question to your wall with an answer
  • 11. Award readers with giveaways, contests, and promotions
    • One $50 restaurant gift card when Fan number hits 100, 500, 750, 1000
    • “Leave a comment that receives the most likes and win….”

The great thing about any of the above strategies is that they can be repurposed. At the end of the year you can compile them into one giant blog post, or you can take the videos and use them to grow your YouTube audience, and use the photos to extend your reach on Flickr.

Bonus, inspirational examples:

Have an awesome content strategy for Facebook? Leave a comment!