We don’t spend a lot of money on real estate marketing, but Facebook is one place where we dabble in ads. For those of you in the Real Geeks platform or those considering it, they just released a new feature that really improves the Facebook marketing process for Realtors (Disclosure: We have multiple Real Geeks products, but are not paid for promotion or referrals).

Real Geeks Facebook marketing tool

The hassle with Facebook ads on a large scale is the reproduction of campaigns over time and across different areas. The Real Geeks Facebook marketing tool organizes the entire process. Users build custom saved audiences and marketing parameters. You can build ads for single properties, single locations, or multiple locations. These campaigns are saved in the system and can be reproduced quickly and accurately.

The look of the ads is what caught our eye immediately. They stand out from the static ads that most marketers are using. With the ability to scroll through photos, listings, or marketplaces right in the native Facebook interface, the ads look really unique compared to anything we’ve used before. I haven’t seen any other platforms doing this yet.

rg4 rg3 Facebook ads from Real Geeks

There are short codes built in to the ad building process, so the ads can pull in real time broker property data without being manually updated. This way the number of listings available, average prices, days on market, etc. can be displayed dynamically in the ads over time.

Ad creation is all done in Real Geeks’ custom dashboard on the back end of the website/CRM, so there’s no need to manage the ads through Facebook’s system. The more specific you get with your target audience and market segment in the ads, the better your results in our experience so far.

Kudos to Real Geeks on the upgrade. There are very few real estate software providers innovating at this speed.