CityBldr is a marketplace used by large real estate operators, developers, and investors to locate, analyze, and trade underused properties in any real estate asset class through proprietary analytics.

After working exclusively with enterprise companies since 2018, CityBldr launched its first SaaS product, Local, which makes it easier to find suitable places for housing developments through a simple search. To help ensure that The American Dream doesn’t continue slipping further and further away from working-class families, the company worked with researchers at MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley on the new product offering.

Regularly priced at $295 per month, the product is currently free to try in Seattle. However, for the first 90 days after its release, it will have an introductory price of $99 per month and in Miami, where CityBldr’s platform is predicting the next housing affordability crisis, it will be free for two weeks after its launch.

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Disclosure: I’m an investor in the company.