The latest release of Firefox (3.5) is now available for download. So far I am extremely impressed with the stability and speed. There are quite a few changes for a .5 upgrade, not the least of which is support for the long awaited HTML5 tags for audio and video. When fully implemented the web is going be a much better multimedia environment that will pretty much do away with the need for plug-ins to implement video and audio content. You’ll be able to enclose any file in a simple <video>yourcontent.whateverformat</video>.

HTML5 and the upcoming CSS3 standards will allow developers to create extremely powerful web based applications.

Additional changes in 3.5 include
-Support for downloadable fonts
-CSS Media Queries
-HTML5 <canvas>
-ICC Profiles
-Location Aware Browsing
-Available in 70+ Languages and more

If this version proves to be as stable and secure as advertised, it will certainly have Firefox back on track to keep stealing browser market share.