With about 65% of the more than 600 members of the GEM being proptech founders…almost all of which are constantly raising capital, I end up spending a lot of time reviewing pitch decks and helping founders navigate their respective fundraising needs.

Beyond individual conversations and curated connections, we’ve built several initiatives into the GEM more formally to help:

  1. Proptech VC Ecosystem Intel: Our very first ecosystem intelligence article, we’ve compiled information on a range of the VC firms driving proptech’s rapid ascent (Fifth Wall, Second Century Ventures, Era Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, NFX, etc). The article is a continually-updated members-only resource.
  2. Peer Pitches: Our practice pitch series is a pitch to peers (calls are limited to 10). They are not recorded, nor re-broadcasted. The sole goal is fellow peers paying it forward with constructive feedback used to help the founder on the hotseat improve his/her pitch.
  3. “Currently Fundraising” Inclusion in Weekly Radar: Every Sunday, our Weekly Radar is emailed out to the entire GEM membership base. That email includes a “Currently Fundraising” section to highlight investment opportunities. We maintain a private channel exclusively for VCs and Angels, where we share summaries, deal terms, and pitch decks with more than 80 individual angels/VCs actively putting money to work.

Items one and two above are only for formal members of the group. Investment opportunities in number three are sourced from both members and non-members.

In order to be included in the Fundraising section, please send an email to [email protected] that includes the following 4 components:

  • Company nuts/bolts (one paragraph): What does the company do? Who are your customers? What are the unit economics? How do you get distribution?
  • Traction/context (one paragraph): How many customers do you have? Revenue? What is the next milestone you’re working toward? How will capital be used?
  • Deal terms (one or two sentences): What is the stage and size of the funding round? Is it a SAFE, or priced round? How much is already committed?
  • Pitch deck: A Docsend link is recommended, but an attached PDF deck is fine.

Once we have those, we’ll clean up the copy and share them with the Angels/VC in GEM with a prompt to follow up directly with the founder if interested.

Caveat: The founder must be either a GEM Crystal or GEM Diamond member.

Questions about how we can help your fundraise? Shoot them our way.